WhizKid Business

Unleash students’ potential with hands-on work experience.

School Alone Isn’t Enough

Asking students to prepare for a future job without having a job is like asking them to learn how to ride a bike without a bike. It’s too difficult to understand abstract concepts without being able to put them into practice. Every student needs work experience in order to maximize the benefit of their education, even in those critical early years when they are too young for most jobs. ​

Less time with “screens” and more time living in – and preparing for – the real world!

Give children a real world advantage in just 30 minutes per week!

WhizKid Business (WKB) is a safe and convenient way for parents to give children the ongoing work experience they need to maximize their education and reach their full potential. WhizKid Business (WKB) provides students ages 8 to 18 an interesting job in which they learn by doing. The job is challenging enough to produce money and satisfaction, yet easy enough to do on their own in their spare time from home.

WKB is like an improved version of the “lemonade stand” concept that empowers your child to be a “whiz kid” at life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
WhizKid Business is for almost everyone. It is for students 8 years and older​ from any type of school: public, private, charter, home, etc. It’s also for parents, teachers, grandparents and other adults interested in helping youth​ better prepare for the future.

How can WhizKid Business help students?
WhizKid Business allows students to learn by doing. This real life experience helps them see the value of education and motivates them to prepare themselves for their future. They can gain confidence, humility and many other important life skills.

When and where is WhizKid Business done?
Students can start at any time and proceed at their own pace. It may only take 1/2 hour of work per week for you to see improvement. WhizKidBusiness can be done wherever you are, at home, at school, or even on vacation.

Can students earn real income?
Students can learn the value of money by tracking their own revenues and expenses. They can earn $20/hr or more, but the simulation is realistic, so there is no guarantee of any earnings. It depends on individual performance.

Intended Outcomes for Students

  • Income – Earn up to $20/hr or more. Learn the value of money by tracking revenues and expenses.
  • Hope – Gain confidence with small victories that lead to bigger and more significant accomplishments
  • Motivation – Understand that success in the real world requires hard work and education is vitally important
  • Track Record – Develop a chronological track record that differentiates them and makes them more employable
  • Life Skills – Grow in responsibility, organization, communication, teamwork, initiative and perseverance
  • Humility – Learn how to serve others, present one’s self, close a sale and satisfy a paying customer

A track record from WhizKid Business proves students did more than play with social media and video games while growing up

What if your child says “No” at first?

Parents usually can see the value in getting real-life work experience, but some children will be hesitant to jump in. Possible reasons are:

  • they fear they might fail
  • it sounds like too much work
  • they are already too busy
  • ​they would rather play

Building the Local Economy

Students may want to use some of the funds they earn to purchase good products for themselves, their friends or their family. Imagine your 8, 10, or 15 year old taking the whole family out for ice cream and the look of satisfaction on their face when they paid the bill!

Parents will appreciate the safety of knowing that Anvóy funds can only be spent with participating businesses and ministries. This means that you can trust that they can’t be used for anything bad because the merchants also support your values.

The only challenge is in the beginning there are not very many businesses that are aware of Anvóy and have accounts set up to receive payment via the platform. It is not difficult for a business to set up their account and get paid, but someone needs to tell them how.

Students can present Anvóy to the businesses and ministries they want to spend funds with. We will provide information and instructions that they can share with the merchant. Unlike credit cards that cost the merchant significant fees, there is no charge for Anvóy transactions. This can save them in expenses. Accepting Anvóy payment can also bring them more sales as other students will be looking for ways to spend their funds as well.