A Comprehensive Strategy

The purpose of AnVoy (or the Another Voyage company) is to facilitate a large, grassroots movement to defend our precious freedom and traditional values better. This vision consists of the following parts:

  1. A Comprehensive Strategy – An audacious, winning plan
  2. The Alliance – Coordinating to defend and promote truth better
  3. This publishing and mobilization tool (you are using it now)
  4. The Academy – An innovative Youth Mentoring system – coming soon!
  5. And more…

Anvoy is a unique, essential response to the dangerous aggression of the elite establishment institutions that are colluding against us. They are using technology, their monopoly power and vast resources to promote a radical, destructive agenda and drive truth from the public forum. Here is how they are winning:

  • They bully, intimidate and ruthlessly target and attack
  • They discourage, frustrate, divide and disorganize
  • They control the majority of government, education, news and entertainment institutions which gives them “monopoly power”
  • They use the Internet, smart phones and popular culture to steal the minds and hearts of our children
  • They diminish our confidence to donate for our cause

AnVoy’s goal is to solve these problems in a way that is so innovative, beneficial, understandable, affordable and easy that it will become an indispensable tool for every person, family and organization concerned about defending truth and freedom. When we achieve this level of adoption, AnVoy will become both a strong defensive shield and powerful offensive weapon. The Alliance and Advocate Platform will:

  • Protect organizations and individuals who stand up for truth
  • Provide motivation, vision and hope
  • Empower and equip our team members for greater impact
  • Help us protect, connect with and rescue our youth
  • Provide accountability that gives donors confidence
  • Provide better coordination, alignment and focus

Part 1: An Audacious Strategy

We can win our nation’s Tug-of-war by improving our technique, strength and teamwork. If we pull harder, longer, and more together, we will defend truth and preserve hope for future generations.

Increasing Our Strength

We will share detailed plans in a moment, but first let’s take a high-level look at our goals. We will increase our power by focusing on:

  1. Gaining strength in numbers
  2. Convincing people to switch sides and join our team
  3. Getting more impact from each player
  4. Trusting in God’s supernatural power

1) Strength in Numbers

We all know there is strength in numbers. For example, a large voting block can win an election. Engagement, motivation and alignment can create powerful group momentum. It can create the movement we need in order to break the monopoly power of our adversaries and grow alternative institutions in our society that honor our values. Here’s how the Anvoy Platform will help create this type of “strength in numbers:”

  • Clearly and fairly identify individuals and organizations that are on our side – and those that aren’t
  • Make it easy to choose to support people, ministries and businesses whose values align with ours
  • Create significant incentives for individuals and organizations to join our cause

2) Changing Hearts and Minds via Outreach

Imagine that you are in the middle of a competitive tug-of-war when suddenly one of the muscular men on the other team changes sides and starts pulling for your team. What a difference that would make!

This type of conversion is key to our success. It will not be easy but we believe that our strategy of focusing on youth, on specific messages, and creating momentum can and will work.

The changing of a mind is like a light being turned on. We can read or hear something many times, but not really understanding it. Then when we finally do, that knowledge changes us instantly. It changes what we do. This change of hearts and actions will be key metrics (or statistics) that we will track with our Platform. Tracking and analyzing this data will enable us to continually improve our processes and performance.

3) More Impact from Our Team

We believe there are many ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our efforts. Every team member is different. Some are very engaged and motivated, but others are not. Some want to do more but don’t know how. Here is how we plan to help motivate and equip individuals and organizations in order to maximize their impact:

  • Clearly communicate the urgency of the current crisis and a clear vision for success
  • Circle the Wagons to provide a common defense against the bullying and intimidation of our adversaries.
  • Provide a business model that enables people to dedicate themselves to promoting our cause part time or full time
  • Mobilize less engaged people to take action by giving them easy to use tools and training
  • Measure and track key stats and metrics to provide accountability, feedback on results, and insure alignment to goals
  • Focus on being relevant to youth who are our future
  • Do all this in a way that is simple and automatic

Individuals can have great technique and strength, but in order to win they need to work together. They need to pull in the same direction. AnVoy Alliance members will be able to use the Advocate Platform to align their efforts by focusing on the same goals and tracking their progress.

4) Faith in Divine Providence

Unfortunately many in our society today are bitterly opposed to, or even hateful of, those of us who honor traditional American values. They have worked hard to rewrite history and push their radical “progressive” ideas. They no longer support “freedom of religion.” They demand “freedom from any religion” except for their own humanistic beliefs.

We want to sincerely respect everyone’s right to choose one’s religion, or degree of faith. We have a deep respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage and the extensive benefit it has been for our nation. Although perhaps not all of our members pray or worship regularly, most of them believe that our effort would be in vain without God’s blessing. We therefore put our faith in our Creator and trust that He and only He will provide us with the success we seek.

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