Voting is the “Worst You Can Do”

Ever notice how the news, money and power is focused on Washington DC and the next election? It is no accident. It is a crafty distraction.

It’s true that “voting” is our civic duty, but if that is all we do, we are failing miserably. There is so much more that we must do besides just voting. That’s why “voting is the worst thing you can do!”

-Bob Huber

The bigger the Federal Government is, the smaller, weaker and poorer “we the people” are. Because “we the people” have neglected our civic duty to control our government, it has grown into an insatiable monster. Sadly, we have given much of our freedom away.

We have created a corrupt, elite, centralized “establishment” that threatens to take even more freedoms from us and most people don’t even realize it.

Of course we should still vote. Unfortunately, government has way too much power, so our elected leaders have way to much control, and it matters who wins the election – but we all need to work to change this sad state. The elites want us to believe that all we need to do is vote and then avert our eyes as they monopolize more and more of our lives. Voting is just the beginning; we must continue to be informed and engaged!

Government is good at making war and building bridges. That’s about it. Government should defend our borders and maintain law and order, but lately it doesn’t even do that well. Beyond these basic tasks, government causes more problems than it fixes. It is inefficient and inherently corrupt. It is a “necessary evil.” We have to have one, but we need to keep it small.

There are “good people” involved in government. We sure appreciate them, but they are the minority, and it is difficult for them to do what is right. Unfortunately, government often get into areas they shouldn’t and the wrong side often gets its way.

Government punishes good behavior and handsomely rewards bad behavior. Workers are enslaved for half a year just to pay our taxes. If we want to remain free then we need to make government smaller. A relatively insignificant government means a powerfully free and independently strong people and nation.

We the people are the string that holes the apple. Without us, gravity takes over and it falls. We are the finger that plugs the hole in the dam. Without us everything would soon fail. We play a critically important role in preserving freedom and we have been negligent.

-Bob Huber

We have not done our job. It is our responsibility to collectively, all of us as a group, control the growth of government, to reign it in and shrink it down. Government will never shrink itself, nor control itself. It is a heroin addict. It will do or say anything to get more money and power.

We should all know this. We must get to work on it. That is why I urge you to consider “Another Voyage” to a better place.

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