Stop Deception, Promote Truth

If good people remain silent, evil wins.

A corrupt world directs teens to drive off a cliff of immorality and confusion while we watch in horror. AnVoy empowers each of us to help redirect them to safety.

Filling this Urgent Need with Accountability

Organizations use accounting systems to track their progress. Likewise, all of us count and measure things because we know it’s key to our success. We track grades in school, points in sports, and even steps on our Fit-bit. Why? Because it works! It motivates us. It helps us improve and reach our goals.

Unfortunately, today’s society fails to track and reward the right things. Our youth are being misled and set up for heartbreak and loss. The goal of anVoy’s Validation Platform is to make it easy for you to help correct this wrong, to motivate and enable people (especially young people) to make the right decisions and take good actions that not only bless their lives, but also lead to a better world.

The Validation Platform Empowers You to Make a Difference

  1. To reward good behavior. We need to measure fairly and correctly recognize those who do what truly is right – not just popular or politically correct. Anything less is unjust and harmful to society.
  2. To identify allies. We need to work together to overcome overwhelming opposition. Seeing someone’s history (or track record) allows us to know who shares our beliefs and goals. This tells us who we should help and who we can trust, because past performance is the best predictor of future performance.
  3. To improve. We need to work smart and deploy our limited resources in the most efficient way possible. We do this by tracking results and focusing our efforts where they make the most impact.

Start Tracking Your OWN Achievements

None of us want to “toot our own horn.” So, it is only natural to be shy about recording one’s own accomplishments, but here are 3 reasons why it is important that we do:

  1. To qualify. Jesus Christ said, “you will know them by their fruits.” We must be willing to act on our beliefs and establish a track record that proves what we believe.
  2. To validate others. Once we’ve established our credibility within the system, we then qualify to help validate the actions of other individuals and organizations.
  3. To lead. Over time we can increase our influence and inspire and mobilize many others to do more to promote truth and stop deception.

How to get started:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Choose a vehicle and start validating
  • Start building your own track record
  • Create an alliance with someone younger
  • Create a local group