The Advocate Platform

Advocate is a web-based, software platform that provides a unique combination of the following functions:

  1. Publishing – for efficient communication of information
  2. Accounting – tracking performance over time
  3. Project Management – help many people work together to accomplish a mission

Publishing on the Platform

Alliance members can create their own mission for their own audiences. AnVoy supplies examples of many different types of missions, but our intention is for our members to create mission for the causes they want to support. A mission is created on a “Product” which is a website built on the platform. Again, AnVoy has created example products, but other validated Organizations can create their own separately branded sites.

All missions and all Product sites have the same built in ability to track the keys stats and metrics. Members can join many different sites and missions and track all of their progress with just one account.

The ability to create separate sites will enable diverse groups to work completely separately yet cooperate like different ships taking another voyage to the same destination.

Creating value by solving problems

  • Provide a business model that gives publishers a revenue stream for publishing valuable content
  • Feedback loop for continuous improvement based on results (stats and metrics)
  • Way to get content presented, viewed, understood and applied
  • Way to engage an audience

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Lets make another voyage to a better world!