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It is vital that we understand the connection between information and outcome.  The decisions we make can result in life or death, liberty or slavery, happiness or misery.  The better the information, the better the result.  Truth is essential for hope, peace and prosperity.  What we believe determines who we are and how we act.  Our worldview impacts every decision we make.  It ultimately determines whether we succeed or fail in life and where our undying soul will spend eternity.

Lies have caused massive human suffering throughout world history.  The beliefs of a nation determine its form of government, it’s policies, culture and actions.  Subtle lies have led to world wars, hatred, genocide, poverty and starvation.  Conversely, nations built on a firm foundation of truth have been blessed.

To illustrate how important truth is, let’s look at just one decision that our country currently faces: the question, “what to do about Climate Change?”  Many Americans are unaware of the huge impact this choice will have on us.

Is the “Climate Change” agenda based on truth or an incredibly harmful lie?

Climate Alarmists claim that the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet.  They say that if we don’t convert to so-called “clean energy,” we could all die.  Other scientists look at the same data and conclude that the small increase in global temperature is not an “existential threat” and may not even be substantially caused by human activities.

Which is true?  If the Climate Alarmists are true, then US citizens are justified in letting the federal government raise taxes, take more control over our lives, and force us to convert to much more expensive energy sources.  The higher energy costs will make the US manufacturing sector less competitive globally because we will be paying many times more for our electricity than other countries like China.  The US will lose millions of manufacturing jobs and become even more dependent on foreign imports, but it is worth it if there is no alternative.

On the other hand, if Climate Change is not a real threat, or global warming is due to one of the many non-human factors that affect climate, then forcing the US to convert to green energy is a colossal mistake.  Why would we destroy whole industries and millions of livelihoods for no reason?  This path would severely weaken the United States and put us in greater danger from foreign adversaries.

This question of truth directly affects you.  Will you grow up in a strong, safe, and prosperous country?  Or will you and your loved ones be made weak and dependent for no reason.  Are our leaders telling us the truth to protect us?  Or is this just another scheme to empower themselves at our expense.  Will you risk not knowing?  Or will you take time to seek the truth?


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Summary Statements

  1. True information is necessary for good decision making
  2. Bad information leads to bad decisions that can have terrible consequences
  3. Bad decisions at a national level can harm millions of people and even threaten a country’s existence
  4. Corrupt leaders use elaborate schemes to mislead and weaken the people and empower themselves
  5. Issues such as Climate Change are complex, but their implications are too great to except without verifying that they are true
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