Our Traditional American Values Under Attack

Judeo-Christian principles have been under fierce and relentless attack for the last 50 years. Well organized and funded groups are pushing agendas diametrically opposed to the traditional values that have blessed our nation for centuries. This foreign philosophy threatens to destroy the foundation on which our society was built.

As we see traditional values carelessly abandoned by so many, we fear for the future of our children. We yearn for better ways to defend these eternal truths. The first step in doing so is to clearly define what our Judeo-Christian Values are and why they are so critically important.

We have organized these values into 3 categories, each a group of 7 values, which we describe below.

Category 1: Spiritual Values

Judeo-Christian Spiritual Values are principles that have been carefully preserved in written form for thousands of years by Sacred Texts of the Jewish and Christian faiths (the Torah and the Bible). These scriptures and values are believed to be inspired by our Creator God.

Study the 7 Spiritual Values

Category 2: Social Values

Judeo-Christian Social Values are like a basic “owner’s manual” for life. They have been used as a bedrock foundation for stable societies for two millennia. They shine as bright lights in stark contrast to otherwise barbaric ages of history.

Study the 7 Social Values

Category 3: Political Values

Judeo-Christian political values are interwoven into the fabric of the American nation. Our Founding Fathers used these principles as the basis for the United States Constitution and its early amendments know as the “Bill of Rights.”

Study the 7 Political Values

Why Traditional Judeo-Christian Values are Important

Traditional Judeo-Christian values have passed the test of time. They have proven very valuable in the formation of stable and prosperous societies. As we see our nation abandoning these principles, we worry that future generations will lose the blessings that we have enjoyed.

History offers many tragic examples of mass murder and injustice that arise as nations turn their back on God and his laws and embrace secular philosophies. Hundreds of millions have died in the last century alone as a direct result of Nazism in Germany and Marxist communism is Russia, China and Southeast Asia.

That is why we must do everything we can to help others understand not only what traditional Judeo-Christian values are, but also why they are so important for liberty, peace and prosperity.

Will You Help Defend the Values You Hold Dear for Future Generations?
You can play a key role in defending the traditional values that have blessed generations of American families and children.