The Tactical Plan

AnVoy’s Strategy is to help facilitate the massive response that our social and political problems require. This may be our last chance to preserve a bright future for our children. That’s why we must “pull out all the stops” to achieve our mission together. This Tactical Plan dives deeper into our Strategy’s 5 Key Actions. It describes how we envision AnVoy helping individuals like you to do even more to “move the needle” in significant ways.

Key 1: How to Mobilize a Multitude

Our challenge is not apathy. Most people really care. The problem is inertia. Like a big rock, we find it easier to stay put than to get moving. People are willing to study, worry, seminar, talk, train, etc. – but either don’t know what more to do or are afraid of “offending” someone by doing something. We aim to overcome this hesitation and mobilize a multitude by supplying (and facilitating the creation of) practical, easy-to-use tools such as booklets, videos, activity guides, apps, procedures and systems that:

  1. Inform – Clearly communicate the urgent need to do more to win the cultural war
  2. Inspire – Enable people to lead by example and show others how they too can make a difference (rather than by just telling them)
  3. Insist – Make the personal, passionate, persistent invitations our situation justifies
  4. Equip – Empower any person to act (starting with tiny steps) and track their impact
  5. Compensate – Supply a business model that enables people to earn a living while protecting and promoting the truth and our traditional values.
  6. Include – Organically grow a “grass-roots movement” of anyone “who is not against us”
  7. Organize – Coordinate the multitude using the same business-like tools and methods all successful organizations employ

Anything good, new or different will meet stiff resistance and fierce criticism. In order to reach our destination, we will need to persevere in spite of strong headwinds. Just as our ancestors used the best navigation tools and technology of their day, we will do the same. We will brave the storms that we can’t avoid. We will overcome fear by offering simple ways for people to get involved and start to measure the difference they are making.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV

Key 2: How to Optimize Our Efforts

No one organization or group can possibly change our culture on its own, but many of them working together can. AnVoy will supply a coordination system that will allow many individuals, families and organizations to work together on a massive scale.

Successful organizations use accounting systems to track key results.  They track the performance of people and teams, so that they can reward them.  They track the performance of their products so that they can produce more winners and improve losers.  These tactics lead to success which attracts more talent and resources. We envision AnVoy supplying a similar type of accounting system that tracks our performance so that we can protect and promote our values more efficiently.

What gets measured gets improved.

Peter Drucker 

We call this accounting system the “Validation Platform.” It will allow us to make better decisions about who to do business with, donate to, hire, work for, or team up with. Over time this alignment, focus and coordination of effort and resources will create synergy. More and more people will change their behavior. The incremental effect of a large number of people participating will be a huge benefit to new parallel institutions and help them win over corrupt ones.

Key 3: How to Reach Our Young People

Connecting with our youth is a critical need and a major challenge – today more than ever. Our teens are online where there are many enticing distractions. They are being targeted by a well-funded and coordinated propaganda campaign, a constant wave of compelling, multimedia deception delivered by the most beautiful and talented performers.

Most youth do not have time in their schedule for an additional activity. We must find better ways to overcome the world’s distractions and transfer wisdom and truth from the older to the younger during the school, church, and family time we have.

Anvoy’s Validation Platform is designed to help us do that by rewarding the adults, students, groups and organizations that are doing the best job of connecting with youth. It tracks the metrics we want to improve, such as time spent between mentor and mentee, actions taken, accomplishments made, minds changed, funds raised, etc. Then, these actions are validated by people using the Validation Platform. As participants become validated by their actions over time, they then become qualified to fairly determine the relative value of accomplishments and activities. This in turn validates the groups and individuals performing those actions.

Key 4: How to Motivate Action

AnVoy’s platform is designed to help many different schools, churches and non-profits advance their diverse missions. They can use it to create their own activities and products. These products are like the different ships that were commissioned long ago by European shipping companies to sail to a better world. Although we all agree on the need and destination, we have small differences in convictions and missions. That’s why taking separate ships will make our voyage more comfortable and successful. Another benefit of enabling many different entities to participate and compete is innovation. Some will discover new and better processes that can be adopted by all and further improve the effectiveness of our cause.

Key 5: How to Separate and Lead

Schools and colleges use accounting systems to give grades as indicators of student performance.  These metrics are used by companies to choose employees. Most young people plan their lives around this system. The problem is that these secular systems are mostly controlled by institutions that oppose biblical and conservative values.  They use the monopoly power these systems give them to advance their harmful agendas. Many feel like they have no choice but to go along with these institutions that don’t support their values. Our hope is that Anvoy’s currency and Values platform will grow to be a viable alternative to the secular model and provide a system that we control and that promotes our values.  

It may seem unkind to separate ourselves from the world and let old institutions fail, but we believe that this is necessary to save our culture. Consequently, it really is the only loving and compassionate thing to do.


We can make ANother VOYage to a better world. What we are currently doing is not enough. If nothing changes, nothing changes. We need to take action and “launch our ships” now. Find out how you can help. Let’s work together to make this voyage a success!

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