The History of AnVoy

AnVoy was started because of a passion for 2 things:  

  1. Judeo-Christian values and
  2. Accounting software

Bob Huber started writing code at the age of 8.  He created his own software business in the small town of Francesville, Indiana soon after graduating with an MBA from Purdue University.  He was a pioneer in business software development and became an expert in mission critical solutions.  He even wrote an international payroll system for Hewlett Packard.

Bob took a break from business and spent 12 years doing missionary work in the 3rd world.  He helped start orphanages in Mexico where he and his wife mentored many orphans through their formative years.  Bob saw the need for better ways to protect children against harmful worldly deception.

Bob observed how entertainment, education and government institutions often worked together to mislead youth to make decisions that were detrimental to their lives.  He felt called to use his business skills and missionary experiences to do something about this huge problem. He began to search for a way to empower parents, pastors, grandparents and other mentors to better connect with children and shine the light of truth into their lives.

After many years of research and development and trial and error the vision for anVoy’s validation platform and products like BibleTide, Conservatide and GoodTide came into focus.  There is no way one person can make the ANother VOYage that we need. Bob was called to start anVoy, but this is a calling for all of us. We call you to get on board AnVoy today.

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