The First Voyage

Our ancestors risked life and fortune while crossing vast oceans for freedom.  With incredible courage they came together and organized a massive voyage to a better world.  Their vision created “America” which became a beacon of hope to the world for centuries!

Unfortunately, America has since strayed from the conservative, biblical principles that so richly blessed her.  Harmful ideologies again threaten our liberty. Unprecedented deception destroys young lives. Many seem blind to the danger, but those who know history aren’t. We are losing this cultural war.  Everything that we are currently doing has not been enough to counter the overwhelming opposition.  We must do more before it is too late, but what can we do?

When our ancestors were faced with the seemingly impossible task over crossing the ocean, they overlooked their differences and came together to accomplish what no one could have done alone.  They were afraid but they had faith. With similar courage there descendents pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” when they signed the Declaration of Independence from England.  They had a choice, but they choose the harder path for the benefit of those that followed them. We have to choose. Will we shrink back in fear, or will we boldly step up and in turn bless our children’s children?

 Our ancestors would have never beaten stormy seas as individuals.  They coordinated their efforts. They formed shipping companies to pool their funds, technology and talents.  In order to win the cultural war, we are doing the same.  We are joining forces to again take courageous action together. 

We want to invite you to join us as we organize “ANother VOYage” to a better world.  We are forming a modern day shipping company called “Another Voyage,” or “AnVoy” for short.  The purpose of AnVoy is to facilitate the massive, pull-out-all-the-stops response that our current crisis requires.  

Our goal is to “circle our wagons” and empower many individuals and organizations to better defend and promote traditional Judeo-Christian values.  We aim to do this by providing tools that help:

  1. Motivate and equip people and organizations to do more with less
  2. Coordinate efforts to transfer wisdom from the older to the younger
  3. Optimize everyone’s impact via accountability and innovation

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” -Andre Gide

Are you concerned about worldly deception? Want to defend truth more effectively? Then join us as we embark on ANother VOYage to preserve freedom and hope for future generations!

This journey will not be quick nor easy, but if we come together with determination and willingness to sacrifice as our ancestors did, we can again bless our children and the world for centuries!

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