The Crisis is Culture Change – NOT Climate Change

Insider Elites such as politicians, government funded scientists and academics, corporate opportunists and the major news media are all pushing “Climate Change Hysteria.” But the Real Crisis is not our climate. It’s our culture.

We are told that if we don’t surrender even more of our freedom and funds to our already massive government, that we will all die and the earth will be destroyed in 10 years or less because of a “Climate Catastrophy.”

The only thing more tragic than these hyper-hypocritical lies, is that many well-meaning people believe them.

Also tragic, is the reality that a Real Crisis looms that could destroy (and could be said that already is destroying) life as we know it. That crisis is rapid, catastrophic “Culture Change.”

If we don’t do something more to stop “Culture Change” now, our freedom and America may be gone in 10 years of less.

-Bob Huber

Another Voyage is a group of people like you and me who are joining forces to rescue our neighbors and nation. Let’s solve the “Culture Change” crisis together.

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