The Anvoy Strategy

We’ve spent a decade researching better ways to counter the overwhelming influence of the elite, leftist establishment. The Strategy we have developed includes the following 5 Key Actions. More explanation of each Key follows the list:

  1. Mobilize – Inform, inspire, equip and empower many more people
  2. Optimize – Increase impact by leveraging existing resources better
  3. Focus on Youth – Transfer wisdom from the older to the younger
  4. Motivate – Find fun ways to track and reward performance fairly
  5. Separate – Stop supporting bad institutions; build new ones

Key 1 – Mobilize

It is hard to imagine doing something that changes the course of history, but we have done it before.  A few followers of Jesus overcame the Roman Empire. Code-breakers in WWII helped the outnumbered US pacific fleet defeat the Japanese.  A president inspired our nation to put men on the moon. But before anyone can change the world, he must first believe that he can.  There are many people who wish to do more, but they don’t know how. We need to give these people the opportunity to fully engage. AnVoy is creating tools that will empower them to make a difference that they can see, measure and grow.  

Key 2 – Optimize

Good people are already busy doing good things. They are running companies, teaching Sunday School and raising families. They are already donating time and talents. The only way we are going to counter the armies of secular activists who oppose us is to be much more productive. We must coordinate our efforts and innovate. AnVoy has designed a tool to help us do that. It can help us measure our results, allocate our resources where they have the most impact and rapidly improve.

Key 3 – Focus on Youth

Our youth are the future and they are being targeted. The establishment left uses news, celebrities, movies, music, the Internet, education and games to reach into our homes and mislead our children. In many ways they are turning children against their parents. To counteract this invasion we must focus our efforts on connecting with our youth by addressing today’s important issues one-on-one and face-to-face. AnVoy aims to help us do this by providing tools that leverage our relationships as parents, grandparents, teachers, neighbors and friends.

Key 4 – Motivate

Our youth are motivated by achievement. They want to do what is right and make a difference. They don’t want undeserved or empty praise. They want the competition to be real and fair. Our youth get excited about sports, fame or fortune because our culture honors them. If we celebrate biblical and conservative accomplishments, our children will get excited about them too. AnVoy’s goal is to facilitate engaging, fun and rewarding challenges that align with our values.

Key 5 – Separate

In Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas shrugged,” John Gault leads productive members of society on a “strike” against it’s socialist looters.  Likewise, we believe the best way to save the world is to separate ourselves more from it. This is a “tough love” measure not unlike the parent who stops sending money to a child who is doing more partying than studying at college.  The only way to force an institution to change is to stop supporting it. We must stop helping the worldly institutions that oppose our values and create new ones that eventually replace them. These new institutions are called Parallel Institutions.

Some Parallel Institutions already exist and are growing.  For example, “health care sharing ministries” like Samaritan Ministries provide hundreds of thousands of families an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance.  Christian schools and home schools teach children a biblical worldview instead of a harmful secular one. Such institutions either improve secular ones by competing with them, or take over when they fail.  Many more parallel institutions are needed, especially if we hope to preserve or replace corrupt political and financial institutions. AnVoy aims to help facilitate the success of many more parallel institutions by helping all of us identify the best ones and associate with them.

The Tactical Plan

As our ancestors did, we must have faith to risk launching out into perilous seas and trust that God will see us to our distant destination. Hopefully learning about AnVoy’s strategy increases your faith and piques your interest in the Tactical Plan.

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