The Anvóy Alliance

Our adversaries are constantly trying to divide people into groups and pit these groups against each other. They fabricate stories or distort reality in order to stir up anger and hatred between blacks and whites, men and women, rich and poor, etc. The reason they do this is simple. It’s “divide and conquer.” It is much easier to defeat several small forces one at a time, than to confront one large combined force. This is precisely why it is so important that we stick together. This is why we have formed the Anvoy Alliance.

The purpose of the Alliance is:

  1. Common Defense – Maximize the protection of our members
  2. Offense – Maximize the power of our positive influence

1) Mutual Defense – Circling our Wagons

Unfortunately, a common tactic of our adversaries is to attack anyone with whom they disagree. They do this to avoid losing a debate or to avoid facing the reality of their situation. People who stand up for truth are often called “racist, sexist, fearful, deniers, hateful, etc.” Many are intimidated and remain silent in order to avoid conflict or embarrassment.

We have even seen cases where businesses are attacked or individuals lose jobs because of holding traditional views that used to be generally accepted in our society as true and beneficial as recently as a few decades ago.

The time has come to stand up for the principles we believe in. If we don’t, we risk seeing them disappear, perhaps for centuries. We know that when good people remain silent, evil wins. The AnVoy Alliance aims to encourage its members to boldly and firmly stand for truth by assuring them that we will quickly come to the aid any member who is attacked or targeted.

Validation via Accountability

The first step to “circling our wagons” and defending each other is to clearly and fairly identify individuals and organizations that are on our side – and those that aren’t. This way we can be ready at a moments notice to provide real protection to our members.

We do this via the AnVoy Platform which makes it easy to choose to work with the people, ministries and businesses who demonstrate with their actions they support traditional Judeo-Christian values. Members sign up for a free account where they develop a track record over time by earning points for supporting local groups, businesses, ministries or individuals that perform positive activities.

For example, the platform will track the following metrics or stats:

  • Rate of Youth engagement
  • Changed minds by demographic
  • New recruits of individuals, groups, organizations
  • Purchases, donations, and gifts
  • Declarations, accomplishments
  • Local group outreach activities
  • Group activities such as mentoring

In this way individuals, businesses and ministries validate each other over time and stand ready to help each other because of the confidence they have in their long term track record – even though they may not know the other person personally.

How Common Defense Works

Members pay a small monthly fee to participate in the Alliance. When they sign up, they pledge a maximum annual amount that they are willing to pay directly to another qualified member who suffers a legitimate needs as a result of defending truth. Maybe he or she loses their job, or has their business shut down, or is attacked by a frivolous lawsuit. This amount may be $20, $100, $1,000 or whatever amount the member feels moved to pledge. This amount would only need to be sent if a need arises.

If a member requests help and closely related AnVoy member determined that it is legitimate, then an amount of assistance is determined. That amount is divided between all participating members. For example, if there are 1,000 members and the need is $10, then all members would send a check for $10 to the member in need, or a designated party providing the defense if that was the case. The amount requested per member per year would not exceed the amount that was pledged.

2) Maximizing our Positive Influence

The Alliance is all about building relationships and aligning our investment of time, talent and money so that we maximize our combined influence in all areas of society and life.

Diversity and Unity

We want the AnVoy Alliance to be as large and inclusive as possible without compromising our core values. Some members of our Alliance may not seem like they had a lot in common, but when faced with annihilation, the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Some members may be very religious, while others may not be. Non-religious member may just be concerned about defending our freedom and the US Constitution. For example, Baptists and Catholics may not agree on everything, but if we don’t come together now to fight for Freedom of Speech and Religion, we won’t even have the opportunity to debate those differences for long!

For this reason, the AnVoy Alliance is intended to be as inclusive as possible. AnVoy is setup to accommodate diverse groups that work completely separately yet still cooperate, share resources, data and intelligence where it makes sense. Therefore, it is like any alliance would be while fighting in a life or death situation. In this sense, AnVoy is like an association of many separate and independent ships all sailing toward the same destination.

Parallel Institutions

As we mentioned earlier, Alliance members because validated over time as they help each other in their families, schools, churches, ministries, nonprofits and businesses. This intentional change in behavior will over time help organizations that are align with our values grow. We call these organizations “Parallel institutions.”

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