The Another Voyage Mentality

It’s difficult to improve because it requires real change. If nothing changes, nothing changes. It’s inertia, the huge tendency to remain unchanged. It’s hard to overcome the fear of failure, to start, to take that first step and to keep going when the inevitable obstacles arrive.

Imagine the risk of leaving home for a New World. Sure it would be exciting, but to actually take that step in real life meant no going back – not even looking back. This is what we call the “Voyage Mentality.” It is key to success in many areas of life.

If you want to be successful spiritually, you have to “crucify the flesh” and “lose your old life.” Once you put your “hand to the plow” you can’t look back or you are not worthy.

If you want to be healthy and fit these days, you have to embrace radical change. You have to change your mindset and habits for good. You can never go back, or your body will go back as well.

The only way to save America is for many of us to take Another Voyage, to commit to radical change spiritually, culturally and personally – and never go back. Are you ready?

Welcome to Another Voyage!

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