TACKING against Harmful Cultural Headwinds

What is “tacking?” It is a sailing term for the “zig-zag” pattern that is necessary in order to sail a course that is opposed to the wind direction. Sailing with the wind or downwind is easy. You just go where the wind blows you. But ships can also sail into the wind using the tacking or zig-zag technique. They can’t sail directly into the wind, but can sail at an angle into it, thus making progress toward their course while also going sideways a certain distance. After a time, they turn the other direction and go the other way sideways while still making some progress in the direction against the wind.

Ironically to be successful in life, one must sail into the harmful headwinds of our lost society almost all of the time. There are dangerous currents and headwinds in our culture. They appeal to our fallen human nature, but we must resist them. If we give into them and let them take us, we will be drawn off course and into trouble.

Another way to express this ironic lifetime struggle is found in the following quote:

Everything bad in life is easy. Everything good is difficult, but worth the effort.

Bob Huber

That is why Tasking is a term we use to describe the work we perform during Another Voyage. We organize this work into:

  • Routs – either spiritual, socioeconomic or personal
    • Within each routes we have maps. Maps define “true north” or the truth that we follow in order to reach our goal or destination
      • Maps include multiple Waypoints, which are milestones or accomplishments along the voyage
        • Tacks are activities or actions that help us overcome adverse headwinds and make good progress
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