Student or Young Adult


Another Voyage is an exciting educational adventure to a virtual world called Anvóy. Anvóy is an ongoing, online simulation (right here on in which you learn by doing and earn real rewards. It’s not a graphics-based game, but a functional parallel world in which you can have own career, money, stocks, etc.

You will be part of a “Crew” or team that builds Anvóy on rock solid Foundational Values. Each one of these values is traded like a stock on Anvóy’s Stock Market (see They also represent important concepts or beliefs that if applied to your life can pay you big dividends. You can buy and sell shares of Truth, Faith, Liberty, and Family. Everyone in Anvóy is expected to create his or her own portfolio of “value stocks” and earn dividends and capital gains. You will not only learn how to manage your own portfolio but also help others do the same.

Biblical Worldview Club

You can be a Broker who helps other people such as your parents and other adults create their portfolio. By doing so, you can earn commissions that you can donate or spend to buy values other products that you want.

Club Membership is free, but we recommend that each “Anvoyager” take $100 along with them to start their new lives in Anvóy. You choose when, where and how to participate.

The Foundational Values Framework is like a map to a better world


You will…

  • learn and adopt a more complete biblical worldview that prevents worldly deception
  • gain vision and hope for a brighter future
  • establish a track record of real accomplishments
  • learn how to earn, manage and invest money
  • gain leadership, discernment, critical thinking, life and business skills


In the Another Voyage Biblical Worldview Club, people learn the importance of Foundational Values and build their own portfolio of them. Here is a typical example of how it works:

  1. One student invites you to join Another Voyage to build a better world
  2. You sign up, or if you are less than 13, your parent or teacher will create an account for you
  3. You begin to earn miles for various activities. As these miles grow, more options are unlocked for the voyage.
  4. You meets to “Sail” with others in person or via video conference to learn the significance of Foundational Values
  5. You buy and sell Foundational Value stocks and build a portfolio
  6. You build a track record of accomplishments as a valuable future character reference
  7. He has the opportunity to advance on to roles such as Broker, ship Captain, Local Officer, Governor, etc.


All you do to get started is create a free account. We also recommend that you take $100 along to start your new life in Anvóy. These funds will be added to your Anvóy Asset account where you can use them to reward students for their participation, buy value stock, etc.


This is a situation where “the early bird gets the worm.” You don’t want to wait too long because it will be harder to catch up and earn the position you desire. There is room for everyone to participate, but there are a limited number of leadership opportunities in every zip code. I can’t guarantee that this voyage will be successful. I believe it will be. If it is, the furthest along will have an advantage and receive the most rewards.