Another Voyage Biblical Worldview Membership



Help students or children build their own portfolio of Values that will bless them the rest of their lives.  Not only can these simulated stocks go up and down in value, they also pay dividends in the form of Another Voyage Miles.

Create accounts for all of your students, distribute the $100 of included funds, and let the fun begin!

The Goal of the Foundational Values Revival (FVR)

Our goal is to promote the basic biblical beliefs that are the bedrock on which stable families and societies depend.  FVR is a coalition of individuals and organizations working together via State and Local Chapters to help teach and support the truth.

Truth isn’t very popular today.  Anyone who stands up for what is right risks being attacked.  Young people are especially pressured to conform to the harmful lies of this world.  They need and deserve all the encouragement and help we can give them.  FVR is an efficient and effective way to reward students who defend the Foundational Values that our nation so desperately needs.  It is part of Anvóy’s comprehensive plan to reform corrupt institutions and redeem America.

Download or Print an Overview Here:  The Foundational Values Revival

Important Note:  All funds that you add to your virtual account are either an expense, gift or donation.  Read about how Anvóy uses the funds you add to the simulation HERE.

If you have any questions we also want to provide assistance quickly and efficiently.  The best way to get help is to ask the person who is presenting Anvóy to you.  This person most likely will be your local Coordinator or someone on his or her team.