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The Stock App is fun way to fund critically important projects. Donors get “virtual stock” in the projects and can earn “dividends.” Shares can increase in value over time and be sold. Gains can be “reinvested” or used for other nonprofit causes.

Dividends can be used for Christian education, biblical marriage, or health care expense sharing (such as Samaritan Ministries or Medi-Share).

There is a huge need for more God-honoring innovation. The Stock App provides a safe, supportive ecosystem through which we can create powerful new products to defend our Faith, build God’s Kingdom, and bless our whole society.

In this lost world, everything bad is easy, and everything good is hard. That’s why God-honoring projects need and deserve our full support. Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 says to “cast your bread upon the water.” This means that even though all projects don’t bare fruit, some will eventually succeed and make all our efforts worthwhile!

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