Stats and Charts

The following charts show how the “Another Voyage” project is growing over time.  There are 7 charts from which to choose.  Select the chart from the list box to display it.  Each chart includes 30 data points, which represent days, weeks, months or years depending on which “time unit” option you have selected below the chart.  You can also select to see either cumulative (the default) or incremental (change only) results.

Here are explanations of what each chart shows:

  • Invite hits – A hit is registered when a member invites someone and her or she visits Anvoy using either a share link or enters an invite code
  • New Account signups – a counter for people enter their name and email address and confirm their email address
  • Alliance Members – people with accounts who become members of the Alliance
  • Defense $ Pledged – the total amount pledged by all Alliance members
  • Shipping Companies – the quantity of organizations that have been approved to commission ships to the “new world”
  • Passengers / Anvoyages – the quantity of members who have purchased tickets to make Another Voyage
  • Citizens – the total quantity of people who have completed Another Voyage

[anvoy_chart button=”0″ group=”1″]