Start Your Settlement in AnVóy America in 2020

Plymouth, Massachusetts was founded in 1620

The individuals and organizations that take “Another Voyage” and “settle” AnVóy America will be the leaders of it. They will plan and build it. They will vote on policies that government settlement. They will be backed up by all of the Alliance, but will be key to our success. They should also benefit from being “early adopters” as would be expected for someone who establishes a “better world.”

Here is how we envision “Another Voyage” working:

  1. Many people sign up for a free AnVóy Account to learn more
  2. Some will join the Alliance and invite others to join also
  3. Some Alliance members will purchase tickets to take Another Voyage to AnVóy America
  4. Typically an adult, such as a parent or grandparent, will take the journey with a child, grandchild or other young person
  5. This journey will prepare them to be Citizens and founders of AnVóy America
  6. Potential benefits to Citizens are:
    • Investment opportunities
    • Guiding policy and plans
    • Claiming “territory” for their business or ministry
    • Commissioning ships to bring more “AnVoyagers”
  7. An individual can transfer or donate his settlement rights to an organization that is part of the Alliance. This is how organizations become “shipping companies.”

Benefit for Nonprofits that Join the Alliance

All new Alliance members are associated with an organization that “invited” them or were invited by others who were. This means that organizations get credit for the accomplishments of all members who get involved as a result of the organization.

Our goal is to see that more funds and other resources get allocated to those organizations that are getting the most “bang for the buck.” Therefore, the sooner an organization starts, the more members get associated with it, the better its performance – this should result in more donations or purchases being directed to them.

Commissioning Another Voyage Ships

Another potential benefit for organizations who have Settled (or been given rights by an individual who settled) is to act as a “Shipping Company” and commission more ships. This can empower the organization to attract new people to work with and through it. It also may provide it revenue from the sale of tickets.

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