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Just as no building can stand without a firm foundation, no society can survive without Foundational Values. Confusion and corruption grow as America abandons the biblical principles on which it was built.

The world is getting darker in spite of our efforts to shine the Light of Truth. The good news is with God’s help we can restore our nation to the Biblical Values it so desperately needs. By becoming a Sponsor you make this unique, fun and exciting adventure possible!


Another Voyage is an exciting educational adventure to a virtual world called Anvóy. Anvóy is an ongoing, online simulation (right here on in which students learn by doing and earn real rewards. It’s not a graphics-based game, but a functional parallel world with its own careers, money, stock market, etc. The whole community learns and works together to build Anvóy on rock solid Foundational Values.

Club Membership is free, but we recommend that each “Anvoyager” take $100 along with them to start their new lives in Anvóy. You choose when, where and how to participate.

On the way to Anvóy, we learn the 12 Foundational Values that are essential for a stable society. These values are based on Holy Scripture and represent the Traditional Judeo-Christian Heritage that blessed our ancestors. We organized these time-tested and proven principles into a Foundational Values Framework in order to make them easy to understand and apply. This framework presents a complete, clear and concise explanation of how the world works. It’s like a treasured map for navigating life’s voyage safely. It helps people build an invincible wall of protection against the harmful lies of this world.

Each of Anvóy’s 12 Foundational Values is a virtual stock that is traded on Anvóy’s stock exchange.  You can buy and sell shares of Truth, Faith, Liberty, and Family. Everyone is expected to create his or her own portfolio of “value stocks” and earn dividends and capital gains. By buying Values we make them valuable and show the world how important they are! Students learn how to manage their portfolio and help others do the same.

Teachers help students learn about Foundational Values and build their own portfolio of them.  These Values can greatly increase in price!  Your participation makes this exciting educational opportunity possible. Students can also help you build your portfolio. In the process of working together, you have opportunities to share wisdom related to the values with them.

Value stocks work like real stocks. You can buy or sell shares.  Prices can go up or down.  The only difference is that real world stocks are “for profit” and Foundational Values are not.  Gains made on the sale of Value stocks are used in ways that honor those values.

When you sell Values, your share of any gain is added to your Anvóy Asset account.  You can donate these funds to charity or give them to your child or student as a reward.  You can spend them on your family’s education, health care or other needs.  You can use them to build your ministry, run for public office, or any other nonprofit cause.  

No Downside.  Only Upside.

Unlike worldly investments that may promote immorality or can become worthless overnight, you can’t lose with Foundational Values.  Even if the share price goes down, you always have the consolation that what you paid went to a good cause.  If you want to earn income on Another Voyage, you can by being a Ship Captain who works to promote Values.

Buying Values is Easy

You can Buy Values you want whenever you want.  Or, if you would like a student to manage your portfolio for you (and share your wisdom with him or her) consider buying this option

The seller gets whatever the stock is worth up to the price he paid, plus half of any gain.  The other 50% of the gain goes into the Mission Fund.  All Mission funds are used to re-establish Foundational Values.  The diagram below shows how funds flow into the Mission Fund and are used to pay Students, Organizations and other expenses. With Open Book Accounting, all members can see where the money goes and how it is used.

Here are real-time stats of the values currently being traded:


Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Parents and grandparents want to leave a good inheritance to their children that goes beyond material blessings. In today’s confused and corrupt world, the most valuable asset we can leave is a biblical worldview based on the lifesaving truth found in our traditional Judeo-Christian values. These time-tested and proven values pay real dividends in the form of blessed and hopeful lives that are so needed today.

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

-Matthew 6:21 KJV

Even the best companies come and go, leaving their investors with nothing, but values based on truth never change and should never fail. By buying Anvóy Values adults can leave today’s youth not only material blessings, buy even more importantly the wisdom and beliefs that will outlast life itself.

The chaos in the world breaks our hearts. You may be wondering, “How can I be salt and light?” Anvóy may be the answer for which you’ve been praying. It is a paradigm shift in thinking with the potential to improve education, the economy and our nation. Join us and be part of this social and spiritual revival.