Leveraging Built-in Tools

Do even more good with Anvóy’s integrated productivity tools
Step Explanation
1) Refine and Affirm your beliefs Know what you believe and why.  Share and discuss your position on important issues with close friends and family.  Build trust and consensus.  For Anvóy America’s generally accepted founding principles see Ancient.
2) Use Award to track and improve your impact The Award Badge is a indicator that provides ongoing performance feedback that can motivate and encourage you and others as well.
3) Create a Private Group Inviting others to join Anvóy and connecting with them is a great way to build community.  As a Settler, you can also create additional groups for your extended family, a club, association or church group.  If you pastor a church, you can join the Awake church network.
4) Reclaim the education of your children by taking Another Voyage As a parent, grandparent or pastor, you are ultimately responsible for the spiritual and mental well-being of those in your care.  With Another Voyage you make sure that they arrive safely by becoming the “Captain” of their “Ship.”  It is a systematic way to check and insure that your passengers know and understand key principles.
5) Acquire digital Assets and use them make purchases Choose from US Dollars or asset-backed, locally-controlled Mediums of Exchange (Acre or Adam).  This is a great way to better support local businesses and ministries.
6) Join the Alliance and lovingly help each other succeed The Alliance is a marketplace of participating businesses and ministries (with a common defense option)
7) Become a Founder Founders are the investors who are making Anvóy America possible.  They are creating 50 legal enties.  They are like the owners of the “Shipping Company” which establishes the territories that then become “states.”
Future additional options may include Action, Alms, Alpha, Academy and more