Settler Checklist

Everyone is welcome to visit AnVóy America as a Guest. To take Another Voyage and “settle” in AnVóy America there is currently only one Required Step. After you complete it, you will be able to take many additional Optional Steps as a Settler.

Required Steps

Step Explanation
1) Agree to our Private Community Rules We will not agree on everything, but there are certain foundational principals that are required in order to join our association

Optional Steps

Step Explanation
1) Learn and grow by following the Activity of others Use this platform to make Connections, Follow others and be aware of current events
2) Affirm your Beliefs In order to build trust we must be willing to honestly declare (at least to some close friends) our position on important issues
3) Acquire and track digital Assets and/or use them make purchases Choose from US Dollars or our other farmland-based Medium of Exchange that we call “Acre”
4) Join the Alliance and lovingly help each other succeed The Alliance is a marketplace of participating businesses and ministries (with a common defense option)
5) See how Award / Prizes are given to people who earn them The Award performance badge earns settlers prizes when they reach important milestones
6) Become a Founder Founders can become owners of the “Shipping Company” which “governs” the state in which they live
Future additional options may include Align, Alpha, Academy and more