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Tools for the Great Commission

Leveraging Technology for Christian Ministry, Outreach and Discipleship


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Our Mission is to Overcome Evil with Good:

We create alternative products to help reduce immorality, corruption and suffering, while increasing God-honoring awareness, alliance and accountability.
“Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” -Romans 12:21

Our Vision is to Reject Idols and Return to God:

We aim to reverse the moral decline of our culture by helping God’s people:
“You are the salt of the earth … You are the light of the world...” -Matthew 5:13-14

Strategy, Goals and Tactics

Our Strategy Is:

To leverage technology, talent and treasure to develop tools that provide Alternatives and facilitate greater Awareness, Accountability and Alliance: Without God we can do nothing. We ask Him to give the tools we develop power to "free God's people," just like He did the staff that Moses used to free the Isrealites from slavery in Egypt.
“And God said to Moses, What is that in your hand? And he said, ‘a shepherd’s staff.’” -Exodus 4:2

Our Immediate Goals and Initiatives:

We want people to use our products and help us build more of them.  We invite members to support projects to develop God-honoring alternatives and tools in the following mission areas:
  1. Personal and Family Devotions - via our bible, prayer and family apps that we make available via our anvoy.com website.
  2. Local Church, Outreach and Ministry - church, giving, group action apps, coordination and assistance
  3. Limited Government - alternative currency and Constitutional Amendment app
  4. Biblical Worldview Education - Foundational Values and other resources
  5. Clean Commerce - pure payment and online business options
  6. Clean Internet Infrastructure - porn-free servers, index, news (safe sources of info)
  7. Biblical Dispute Resolution - arbitration and alliance apps
“Let’s develop better ways to motivate each other to work together to love and do good works: not being divided as some tend to be; but urgently encouraging group action even more since it appears we may not have much time left.” – Hebrews 10:24-5 (paraphrased)

Our Tactics:

Every long voyage needs a beginning. The following are ways that we can start, move forward and learn: We want to encourage people to take the following 3 Steps: Step 1 You may not have the conviction yet, but those who do deserve our full support because they are bearing the brunt of the enemy’s attacks. A great way to support them is to help fund the tools and alternatives that enable them the option to reject what they see as evil and not be forced to violate their biblical convictions. Step 2 We can never improve society from the top down. Change can only happen from the bottom up, one heart and mind at a time. Therefore, we need to ask God to work in our hearts and redeem us. Then as more and more people become converted, the heart of the nation will be turned back to God. Step 3 We believe in the biblical technique or Discipleship and the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that teaching others to teach others can literally change the world. It happened once before and it can happen again. [anvoy_verse_lookup ref="Hab 2:14"] [anvoy_verse_lookup_modal ref="Hab 2:14"]