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Applying Truth.

Raising Standards.

Anvoy is a dashboard that monitors local results so that communities can use the discipleship programs that best prepare them for service, sanctification, and self-sufficiency.

Applying Truth

Anvoy helps believers be in the world, but not “friends of the world.” It’s about applying God’s Word to all areas of life. Anvoy offers God-honoring Alternatives to secular products so that believers are not forced to compromise their faith. Separating ourselves from worldly corruption makes a powerful statement. Being “faithful in small things” creates a more credible testimony that enables us to be “salt and light” and fulfill the Great Commission more effectively.

Raising Standards

Anvoy aims to facilitate a grand coalition of people and organizations to reclaim God’s Kingdom one heart at a time. The Anvoy platform helps us keep each other Accountable as we work together to find better ways to “overcome evil with good."  It enables participants to build trust by establishing a track record of good works and results over time. This feedback rewards organizations and programs that produce the best Biblical Worldview outcomes.

Sound Interesting?

We invite you to learn more about how Anvoy might benefit your organization, family or town by signing up for a free guest account. We are currently talking with organizations that may want to make their educational, mentoring and discipleship “programs” available via our platform.