Redeeming America by Creating Better Alternatives

Governments tend to push their self-serving agendas. In the past we could say “no thanks” because we had other options. That freedom is disappearing along with those options.

Today, if a big institution doesn’t like you it can shut you down because you have nowhere else to go. Arrogant, secular establishments are gaining control over every aspect of our lives.

The consolidation of Big Tech and Big Media corporations and the rapid growth of technology and centralized government threatens freedom. It is giving a few global elites monopoly power to silence any opposition. People are afraid to speak and be “cancelled.” They fear being forced to violate their beliefs.

The government uses a crisis to scare people to give up their freedom. They used the financial crisis of 2008 and claim that “Global Warming” is an “existential threat” to our survival. We know how this works. The solution to the crisis is always bigger government and less freedom for the people.

This crisis cycle has gone out of control. The US government is printing trillions of dollars every year. They are saddling our children with a debt that is impossible to repay. They are destroying the dollar. They are destroying our jobs. They are raising energy costs so much that our workers and factories will not be able to compete globally. And all these are just symptoms of a much deeper moral and spiritual crisis which demands our urgent attention.

The Answer is Alternatives

In order to preserve hope and freedom, we must give choice back to the people. The goal of Anvóy is to create and support viable alternative options that honor our values so that we are not forced to violate our conscience. We call this great effort “Another Voyage.”

We are building a grand coalition of many organizations and individuals called “Anvóy America.” We are coordinating our efforts via our website We invite you to join us on this voyage to a “better world.” Sign up for free today and start using our God-honoring, alternative currency called “Adam.”