Redeeming America

What happened to America? Where did our unity, hope and freedom go? Remember the big happy families where mom was a “home-maker” and dad could provide well for the whole tribe on just one salary? Remember the safety? Children could roam freely around town without worry. Remember the romance and mystery of boys and girls getting married before sleeping together? Remember when education and media inspired love of God and Country instead of fear, division and hate? We the people don’t have to let our children suffer in today’s world. We can restore America if we as individuals are willing to change.

There are “two sides to every coin” but too often today we only hear “one side of the story:” the wrong side. Big-government, big-tech and big-media have teamed up to mislead the masses. Evil in the world is growing, but we can’t just blame others. We have let the evil grow. We are part of the problem. The solution starts with you and me, and our willingness to improve.

Redemption Must Start in Our Hearts

This is about fixing America one person at a time. Learn how you can be an important part of Another Voyage to a Better World (anvóy). Click the links below to see how we can redeem our culture in the following areas:

Only You Can Do This

Only “we-the-people” working together with God’s help can save hope and freedom for future generations. It is critically important that we develop and use tools like Anvóy to improve our impact. It will take time to undo the damage that has been done over the past 50 years, but “many hands make light work!”

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