01.12 Racial Unity

Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
As descendants of the same parents, we should be united in doing good and loving our neighbor. People should be judged by their character and performance, not their outward appearance. Physical characteristics such as skin color are used to divide, inflame and weaken the people, make them dependent on government, and thus empower the political elite.

From Many, One: e pluribus unum.

Life Application
Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
Effort, hard work and good performance will overcome any remaining discrimination and eventually lead to success. Young brown and black people are told not to even try because the whole world is racist and the system will not allow them to succeed no matter how well they perform.
The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart. -1 Samuel 16:7
Result, Dividend
Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
All people, regardless of skin color, live in harmony and have the best chance to realize their full potential by being rewarded fairly for their accomplishments. Government programs destroy initiative for people to make a better life for themselves.  They lead to more fatherlessness, poverty, substance abuse and crime.  Government thrives while the people suffer.

What do you think about these key concepts?

  1. Doesn’t Critical Race Theory and the doctrine of “white privilege” set blacks up for failure?
  2. Should little girls be taught in school that all white men are evil just because they have white skin?
  3. Doesn’t it discourage all children to be told the lie that the system is rigged and hard work only benefits white people?
  4. Isn’t it unfair to blame people living today for sins that took place centuries ago?
  5. Isn’t it unfair to only blame white people for slavery when many white people were not slave owners and many died ending slavery?
  6. Isn’t it unfair to only blame white people for slavery when many blacks were also slave owners?
  7. Doesn’t Critical Race Theory and the so-called “white privilege” promote judging people only by their skin color and isn’t that they definition of racism?
  8. Doesn’t Critical Race Theory and the so-called “white privilege” foment racism by creating more strife, hatred and division?
  9. There are over 100 characteristics that an employer considers when evaluating a potential hire.  Why would skin tone make any difference?
  10. If a business owner was stupid enough to not hire or serve someone, because of the color of his skin, wouldn’t he go out of business?
  11. Aren’t people far more likely to be discriminated against for their religion, weight, height, age, complexion, beauty, intelligence, teeth, hygiene, health, clothes, jewelry, tatoos, attitude and ability rather than their skin color?

We are One Blood

Corrupt manipulators prefer to use hatred and fear because they are more powerful emotions than love. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to believe the lies that are spread to “make news” and divide us.  Prejudice and injustice is our human nature.  It’s been this way since Cain killed his brother.  We have a tendency to hold a grudge, rather than forgive and heal.  We will always need to be vigilant against this deceptive tendency. 

The theory of evolution, which says that man is just another animal that exploits and kills for survival, bolstered our arrogant, ungodly mentality.  It led both black and white people to enslave other black and white people throughout world history.  It has led dictators like Hitler to slaughter millions of innocent people for not being a “pure race.”  That’s why the current lies being spread about race are so dangerous.  They can lead people to mercilessly wipe out entire populations regardless of age.  The mistakes society has made in the past certainly don’t justify making the same mistakes again.

We thank God (and the many who died during the Civil War) that the injustice of American slavery ended a century ago, but unfortunately powerful elites still use elaborate schemes to enslave and exploit decent, hard-working people of all colors.  It is the duty of every human to strive against unfair discrimination and live in unity and peace.  This is only possible with the spirit of love and gracious forgiveness for past sins.

It is not easy to forgive.  We all have the tendency to blame others for our problems.  It is hard to admit, but generally we are the problem.  We all have a sinful nature.  If we would have been born in the past, most of us would have either gone along with slavery or fought against it.  It would not have mattered what color our skin was.  To deny this and claim that one color is more evil than the other is the definition of racism. 

A few people would have given their lives to end slavery.  Again, the skin color of this courageous few would not have mattered.  To claim otherwise is shamefully racist.  To continue to blame or privilege people based on their color is to continue the evil of racism.  Racism will only end when we stop exploiting or judging people by the color of their skin.  Period.

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