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Benefits of Anvoy Pay

Anvoy Pay is about using God's Money to build His Kingdom

Pay is for small monetary transaction between Anvoy members. It is especially for frequent purchases from local businesses. Some example uses are:

  • settling up after sharing a meal
  • parent giving a child an allowance
  • church donation
  • buying ice cream from a street vendor

What are the Benefits?

  • Savings - US merchants pay about $150 billion in fees every year. They pay about 3% of every purchase, which really adds up. Pay aims to reduce costs, and keep that money local where it can bless the community
  • Safety - Pay helps parents set up account for their children, and teach them the value of money, while knowing that it can only be spent with reputable local merchants.
  • Build Trust - Providing the payment solution brings the whole community together to serve and help each other.
  • Create Hope - Pay helps communities be more self-sufficient and shows what is possible, which inspires more innovation and local progress.
  • Better Testimony - Using Pay is a great way to demonstrate faithfulness in small things and distance ourselves from the usuary that God hates.