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Help students create a portfolio of Foundational Values, Share your wisdom and earn rewards.

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Download or Print: Getting Started as a Parent

Download or Print: Getting Started as a Parent

Parents are often disappointed with what their children are being taught, or not taught. Anvóy is an easy-to-use platform that empowers concerned citizens to positively influence local education and help teachers prepare the next generation correctly. Here is how it works:

  1. Any teacher, coach, mentor, parent or other adult that interacts with children can sign up and create a small group.  Each group consists of 1 or more students between the ages 5 and 25.  This Values Education service is always free for teachers and students.
  2. Small groups publish pictures on the platform which serve as evidence of the Values that they are learning.  Each picture post is associated with a specific Foundational Value, such as Marriage, Work or Honesty.  The groups share these posts with their friends and family.  
  3. The local community can view these posts on the platform and respond with encouragement.  People can also search by a Value that they support.  By liking posts or responding to them, the community indicates what values it supports most and what groups are teaching them.
  4. Local individuals and organizations have the option to fund rewards for the small groups that are promoting the communities values.  These rewards are unique tokens that circulate within the community and can create much more value than their initial cost.  This allows the sponsor the potential to get 10x, 100x or more return on their educational gift.
  5. Sponsors choose what amount they want to give per month and can easily send this amount to a group of their choice, or they can let the system automatically pick the most deserving group in the area, as determined by the groups performance and amount of rewards already received.
  6. The group leader uses the rewards received for the benefit of the students in the group.  The reward tokens can be donated to or spent with organizations in the community.  These organizations can convert the tokens into real money via Anvóy.  Or the rewards can be used to buy Values that the students can hold or trade.  Adults help students build a portfolio of Values that will bless them throughout life.
  7. This process motivates kids to learn the benefits of the Foundational Values.  It allows the community to influence the classroom, and bless students regardless of where they are taught.
  8. Parents and teachers can also use the platform and it accounts for students to teach life skills.