An Educational Community Adventure for Ages 8 and Up

Anvóy is a unique outreach tool in which local individuals and organizations team up to share – in a fun and engaging way – the wisdom, moral values and skills that young people need most but often don’t get.


How Anvóy Works

Anvóy is a realistic, ongoing simulation in which adults and young people work together to build a blessed local economy and society in a “parallel world” called Anvóy. Youth work alongside adults and earn money that they can invest, donate or spend to buy themselves real products.

Working and Earning Income

Anvóy improves education by giving youth the opportunity to apply what they are learning and get “hands-on” experience. Doing meaningful work together is motivating and a great way for the older generation to share values and beliefs with the younger. Teenagers earn points for the work they do and their point total determines their weekly pay. The money they earn goes into their own online account.

Buying Real Products

Teens can only spend the money they earn at participating local businesses and ministries. This gives these organizations the benefit of an exclusive new revenue source. For example, a church group might use Anvóy to raise funds to take students to summer camp. A local business might be able to gain new customers. Students help organizations sign up and take advantage of this new and growing marketplace.

Investing in Values that Pay Dividends

Students can also use their money to make investments they hope will provide a good return. Instead of investing in the stock market, youth buy “community values” that they believe will give them and Anvóy the best chances of success. These values are like stocks in that they have a limited number of shares, pay “dividends” and can be bought and sold. Students learn about the values before they choose which ones to buy. They become proponents of the values they own.

Adults Also Invest in Values

Parents and grandparents want to leave a good inheritance to their children that goes beyond material blessings. In today’s confused and corrupt world, the most valuable asset we can leave is the lifesaving truth found in our traditional Judeo-Christian values. These time-tested and proven values pay “real dividends” in the form of blessed and hopeful lives that are so needed today. Even the best companies come and go, leaving their investors with nothing, but values never fail. By buying Anvóy Values adults can leave today’s youth material blessings, and even more importantly the wisdom and truth that will outlast life itself.

Anvóy is for…

  • Who? – Any individual, family or organization that cares about protecting and promoting the US Constitution, freedom and the traditional Judeo-Christian values that have so blessed America.
  • Why? – Because of the confusion and corruption in the world, many youth are struggling with identity, purpose, and hope for the future. Anvóy helps the community give youth more hope and purpose.
  • When? – Anvóy is ongoing and can be done whenever it is most convenient
  • Where? – Anvóy can also be done anywhere in the US
  • How? – Simply sign up for a free account to get started and learn by doing

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