Only Truth Can Stop Oppression

Oppression of the “we-the-people” is growing. Who will stop it?

Many types of oppression are mounting up on us. Big establishment bullies are forcing us to violate our beliefs, and making it hard to earn a living. They are stealing the hearts, minds and futures of our children.

No government or establishment organization is defending us. Most of them are part of “the system” that is exploiting us. Our only hope is for “we-the-people” to seek and know the Truth that will set us free. (John 8:31-32)

Finally there’s an unselfish organization totally dedicated to helping we-the-people protect our families and towns.  It’s doing the necessary but extremely unpopular task of “speaking the Truth in love.”  It’s the only one that has a comprehensive plan with the potential to succeed.  This lone defender of the oppressed is Anvóy.

Anvóy is helping normal Americans like you and me stop the oppression.  Anvóy not only helps us promote truth, but also keep organizations accountable to it, and thus begin to renew America from the bottom up. Here’s how it works:

1) The Local Chapter – Helps individuals do more good

When you sign up, you become an owner of the Local Anvóy Chapter for your zip code. Your Chapter uses Anvóy’s platform to encourage people and organizations in your area to defend against oppression.  Anvóy’s innovative tools help you raise funds and greatly increase your positive influence.  We envision many Local Chapters working together to redeem or replace our institutions, and thus restore America to the Foundational Values it desperately needs.

2) Common Defense Alliance – Protects all of us from persecution

We can’t let establishment giants intimidate individuals. As Anvóy spreads across the nation, we gain “strength in numbers.” Together we pledge to aid, defend and reward any member who is attacked for standing up for truth. We hope that this mutual protection will embolden members to do what is right with confidence.

3) Alternatives for Independence

We shouldn’t be dependent on establishment institutions that use their monopoly power to force us to violate our convictions. Anvóy offers alternatives to keep vital options open. For example, Adam is our God-honoring, alternative currency. It is nonprofit, interest-free, limited-quantity, member-owned and member-backed. It is being developed along with many other essential alternative products for your protection.

4) State Chapters Create Alignment for Greater Impact

We are in a spiritual tug-of-war. Anvóy’s Foundational Values Framework helps us pull together. It helps us to align our messages for greater impact. It is a visual representation of a biblical worldview consisting of 12 Judeo-Christian Values. Each Value is also a stock that is traded within our Anvóy America simulation.  An Anvóy entity in each state will serve its many Local Chapters.  It also aims to partner with many aligned organizations both locally and nationally.

5) Suite of Integrated Tools

Anvóy’s tools help us reframe the cultural debate and focus attention on the importance of Foundational Values. For example, Anvóy America is an ongoing Educational Simulation in which students build a portfolio of Foundational Values that they can buy and sell via its Stock Market. WhizKid Business is another hands-on, learning experience that helps parents teach their children life and business skills.