The Me App

Share Contact Info Safely and Conveniently

Finally! A secure and easy way to share addresses, phone numbers and emails with your contacts. You no longer need to worry about your church address book, or family Christmas list being sold or misused. Why? Because Anvoy was built specifically to keep your info safe. It is member-owned, controlled and supported. It is ad-free and spam-free too.

When you change your address or phone number, the new information is immediately updated only for those with whom you have shared it. You define which family, church, school or work groups have access to each type of info.

Use the Me App to connect with all your friends, family and co-workers with confidence!

By using the Me App, you are also helping sustain local businesses, ministries, schools, as well as positive biblical values and intiatives.

Simply enter your email address to get started. It only takes a few seconds and your email is safe!

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