Anvóy is an Educational Lab

Our goal is to promote Foundational Values via an engaging learning experience and by developing alternative institutions.  Although the products we are building mimic the real world, they are not real yet.  We hope they someday become real-world solutions, but until then they are experimental and for educational purposes only.

Anvóy Asset Accounts are for Education

Anvóy is a software platform that provides valuable, hands-on learning experiences that Students probably wouldn’t get otherwise.  Participants have their own accounts with which they can buy and sell shares of Values, make purchases, etc.  Nevertheless, everyone acknowledges that these account funds don’t belong to them.  All money spent on Anvóy is either an expense, gift or donation for educational and community benefit.   This understanding is necessary in order for us to be able to provide this realistic and exciting experience.

Trust and Accountability

Just because Anvóy is experimental doesn’t mean it is less accurate or honorable.  Anvóy’s real-time, open book accounting provides more transparency than a real bank (in our opinion).  You can see where the money goes by reviewing online reports that are updated daily.  Knowing that funds are being well spent and producing good results allows all of us to participate with confidence.  We are developing products to become real world solutions.  We intend to exceed everyone’s expectations for trust and fairness in everything we do.

Anvóy Rewards Performance

To restore our nation to solid Foundational Values, we aim to motivate a large coalition of people and groups to work together.  Anvóy uses a portion of funds received to reward Students, businesses and ministries that show goods results toward this goal.  For example, you can sell shares of Values on Anvóy’s stock exchange and either donate the proceeds to charity or use them to purchase products from businesses.  These transactions benefit everyone.  Anvóy honors the member requests to redirect available funds in good faith, even though it is not legally obligated to do so.

Who Will Own Anvóy

Anvóy Inc. is the entity that is facilitating the overall vision, which is a network of local Chapters (or Shipping Companies), one in each zip code.  We envision every state having a legal entity that serves the local Chapters in that state.  All intellectual property and assets will eventually belong to these entities, which will be owned by the members of that state.  In other words, Anvóy will eventually be entirely controlled by the states and the members of those states.  A local Chapter needs 50 members to become official.  State entities form at 60,000 members.  The cost of all software and intellectual property will not exceed 100 Adam per member.  Other details will be worked out in good time.

Anvóy is Your World

We are working hard to serve you by providing educational tools that help you engage with youth and work together as a community.  We believe that Anvóy has tremendous potential, but there are risks associated with any endeavor.  Our mutual success ultimately depends on the performance of all of us and our willingness to trust each other.

For example, the stability of our experimental Adam currency depends on members following rules to honor its value, especially in times of low demand.  We envision Adam becoming a solid and stable alternative medium of exchange that boosts our local economies, but this will take time and everyone’s cooperation.

Likewise, we believe that the stock market of Values may someday be a preferred way to “pass one’s values on” to the next generation.  But we also need to understand that Anvóy has little control over the share price of the Values.  They will always be worth what someone is willing to pay for them at the time they are offered for sale.  Also, sellers share gains (if any) with the Mission Fund pool.