In God We Trust


This world is not our home, but we received many blessings from our parents and want to pass them on to our children. With God’s help, and by working together on this anvóy (pronounced ahn-VOY) platform, we can! 

Little Things Matter

A nation is the sum of the virtue of it’s people. The people are the sum of their beliefs, actions and inaction. Anvóy America is a new type of God-honoring, purposeful and private social network that empowers “we the people” to do many “little things” better.  Join us and start building a brighter future today!


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One of the Bible texts that inspires this project is…
“Let’s research and develop better ways to motivate each other to love and do good works: not giving up on working together as a group, as some tend to do; but strongly and urgently encouraging one another even more as it appears we may not have much time left.” – Hebrews 10:24-5 (paraphrased)

For our Sovereign God and a Sovereign Nation

The following are additional ways that AnVóy America can help us leave a “better world” to future generations.

  1. Truth – The most powerful information sharing platforms today promote harmful lies and censor the Truth. Many Americans are being dangerously misled. Anvóy America aims to help us shine the light of Truth and be a salt-like preservative in our communities.
  2. Consensus – We need to be able to openly discuss important issues and come to well informed agreements. This is impossible when Truth is not allowed. Anvóy America is a way to demonstrate the benefits of Truth by leading by example.
  3. Trust – We need to know who we can trust. Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Anvóy America allows us to build a track record and keep each other accountable.
  4. Learning – The Anvóy America platform facilitates humble growth, repentance (real change) and continuous improvement
  5. Vision – Without a vision the people perish. Anvóy America is a virtual world that can provide a vision of hope for the future.
  6. Investing – We need to use money to honor God, not to only accumulate more wealth. Anvóy America aims to offer individuals looking to be good stewards of funds many opportunities to invest in projects that benefit local individuals, ministries, communities and especially the traditional Judeo-Christian principles they honor.


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