How Another Voyage (anVoy) Works

Why take Another Voyage?

  • There is too much harmful deception in the world and we must stand up for truth
  • Our government and many other establishment institutions have become mostly corrupt
  • Selfish elites use propaganda, hatred, envy and fear to get more money and power.
  • If we don’t do something more than we currently are, we will lose our precious freedom and our children will suffer
  • Our federal government is too big and its deficit spending is immoral and unsustainable.  It will eventually collapse and we need to be prepared.
  • Most Americans no longer honor the Traditional Judeo-Christian values on which America was built.  Without this moral moral foundation, America will continue to decline.

What is Another Voyage?

  • It is a framework in which many good people can work together to promote truth and restore America
  • It is a systematic way to mentor and reach youth and transfer wisdom from older to younger
  • It is a system of “self-government” that rewards good behavior and results
  • It grows conservative institutions that honor our values and become alternatives to the secular institutions that currently have monopoly power
  • It is about creating another beacon of hope to a lost world, like America was for centuries
  • It uses the analogy of taking a long journey, which is a parallel to what our ancestors did 400 years ago
  • It is about settling a virtual nation called “AnVoy America” which is an association of 50 independent virtual states
  • It is about leaving the old world behind, having the courage to take risks and invest one’s time, talent and treasure in what may be the most important voyage we ever make

How does Another Voyage Work?

  • Individuals register on one of anVoy’s websites in order to reserve their settlement location.  This is the same as their current Zip Code.
  • They choose one or more routes, ships and maps.  The routes from which they can choose are:
    • The Spiritual Route – which teaches the biblical truths which are critically important to the success of any nation
    • The Cultural Route – which teaches the political, social and economic truth which benefit nations
    • The Personal Route – this is a non-religious, non-political route designed to reach people with fitness, sports and other common interests
  • Individuals choose a ship for each route they are on.  The ship has a Captain, Officers, Crew and Passengers.  The Officers are adults who help the Captain manage the ship.  The Crew are youth who work on the ship.  Passengers can advance to become Crew, Officers, Captains of their own ships and more.
  • Other key roles include:
    • Owning a Shipping Company – be a consultant who helps other make Another Voyage successful
    • Owning a Shipyard – use anVoy’s tools to build ship Classes and Maps which are designed for one of the 3 routes (Spiritual, Cultural or Personal)
    • Working with a Shipyard as a publisher of Maps – create or organize publicly available content into Maps and Statements of truth for a route
  • Maps and included Truth Statements define “true north” which is an essential part of any Compass.
  • Ships come with a Compass and a Speedometer which provide ongoing performance feedback for both ships and individuals.
    • The Compass shows how closely passengers and ships align with true north or the truth
    • The Speedometer shows how their level of activity compares to the performance and productivity of others
  • The Voyage is divided into several Phases which are explained below.

What is Phase 1 of the Voyage?

  • It is about organizing and mobilizing many people to have more positive impact on our culture including:
    • Many Shipyards who customize ship Classes to make many different groups more comfortable on the voyage
    • Many independent Shipping Companies who are full or part time building settlements in their state
  • It is strength in numbers, and Alliance to defend each other, especially anyone who is attacked for standing up for truth
  • It is tracking our alignment to goals and monitoring progress so that we can continually improve our efficiency

The Importance and Courage of Phase 1

  • The critical importance of this first phase and first step should not be underestimated
  • Just like our ancestors who ventured out on dangerous waters, AnVoyagers will face strong headwinds.  Our culture is like a raging river, but we will not make it if we just go with the current.  We must stand strong for the truth.
  • The moment they stand up for truth, they will be attacked by others.  We must support them as strongly as we can.
  • We are in a spiritual and cultural tug of war and even a small increase in pulling power can make all the difference
  • The key goal of Another Voyage is to not just “preach to the choir,” but to move people from their side of the tug-of-war to our side

What is Phase 2 of the Voyage?

  • It is about creating a real-life legal entity or corporation in each state that is owned by the “AnVoyagers” who contributed to creating it.
  • This entity will create and aid parallel institutions
  • Ways to more more assets and activities to AnVoy America
  • Have real impact in every aspect of real American life

More Information Coming Soon:

  • Why and How to Captain your own ship
  • How Captain, Officers, Crew and Passengers Sail together
  • Why and How to run your own Shipping Company
  • Benefits of being a Shipyard or Shipyard Publisher


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