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Biblical Principles

Creating hope in a lost world
1 History is full of miseryThe world is scarred with a long history of almost constant war, suffering, and death. We tend to think that we are better than past people or that we have learned to be more civilized, but that isn't necesarily true.
2 Hope is fragile because power corruptsHope is fragile. All it takes is a few evil men getting into power. Power corrupts and men by nature have no moral boundaries and insatiable appetites for property, pleasure and power.
3 The obstacle of hopeThe root problem is the wickedness and selfishness of mankind. Cut someone off on the highway and he goes into a rage. People lie, cheat and steal.
4 People are proud, stubborn and foolishPeople are easily deceived. They accept evil without hesitation, and resist anything good. History repeats itself because people don't remember. They fall into the same traps. They think they are smart, but they are fools.
Hope starts with self control
5 Fix your faults firstIt’s easy to blame others, but the only way to improve society is for each of us to humbly examine ourselves and fix our own problems first. Then we can be a good example for others. We can identify what the real problems are and correct them.
6 Real change requires humilitySelf improvement requires real change which isn’t easy. We must admit we were wrong, take responsibility, and repent - which means we no longer continue to make the same mistake.
7 Don't be a victimStop pointing fingers and look in the mirror. Stop believing the convenient lies and subtle manipulation. You are not a victim. Don’t let others make you a victim. They want to keep you down and exploit you. Life isn’t fair, but that is not the point. Our responsibility is to do the very best we can regardless of our circumstances.
8 Pray for improvementWe should pray that God will reveal to us our errors. Maybe it is something we believe that is incorrect. It is not surprising that many of us have been misled in one way or another. Maybe there is a bad habit that we can replace with a good one.
9 Love God and good more than yourselfWe must do what we know to be right, and not be influenced by the overwhelming amount of misinformation in the world.
Know Truth and live it
10 Hate evil and love goodOur decisions and actions are extremely important. We need to be consistent in hating evil and loving good. Need to demonstrate our faith, or what we believe to be true, with our actions. This is why alternatives are so important.
11 Shine the light of TruthA dark world needs the light of Truth, but the only ones who can shine the light are those who have it. If we fail to do everything we can to preserve truth and freedom now, future generations will rightfully blame us for not passing on to them the rich blessings that we were so gracious given by our forefathers
12 Overcoming oppositionWe can’t just believe, we must also act. Hope depends on each one of us as individuals putting truth into action. It is knowing what is right doing it in spite of the world's overwhelming opposition. Depends on the personal choices we make every day.
13 Silence implies agreementIf we remain silent and let lies stand, we become complicit in them and responsible for the damage they cause
14 Being salt and lightWhen good people remain silent, evil wins. We are all called to be “salt and light” to the world. God’s Word commands each one of us to be salt that helps preserve society and to promote the light of His Truth in the otherwise dark society.
15 Stopping real oppressionFollowing the truth is the only way to stop the exploitation of the poor and vulnerable and set the common man free from oppression. Without truth evil people prosper and good people suffer.
16 Faith over fearWe need to act and live by Faith. We are not to fear. We are to be careful and concerned but not worry
17 Prayer helpsGod hears the prayers and blesses the prayers of those who sincerely seek Him. He grants grace to help us change in ways that are beyond our own capability.
18 Backing the courageousNeed to support those who are courageously standing up for truth, even though they may not be perfect. Some may say “there’s nothing we can do.” This is a lie that keeps us from trying. We need to pull-out-all-the-stops. This is precisely why we are taking Another Voyage.
Don’t support corruption and oppression
19 Be not of the worldWe are commanded to separate ourselves from the corruption of this world, to not participate in its evil, and be proponents of the truth.
20 Freedom to choose God-honoring optionsThe freedom to choose God-honoring alternatives is so critically important. We should support those that we have, such as private or home schooling if we can. We are working hard to make more alternatives such as Foundational Value stocks and Adam currency.
21 Need new tacticsWe must understand that our old tactics alone will never work because the world has changed. Massive amounts of misinformation overwhelm our current methods: Universal scope of collusion: movies, music, news, education, corporations, many establishment institutions
22 All hands on deckStrength in numbers makes all the difference. We are in a tug-of-war. Our goal is to rescue our friends and neighbors, and get them to join our side. Some are pulling the wrong way. Others are on the sidelines. ShipCo/Alliance/Invite - especially of the household of faith (psalm 101)
23 Alignment for greater impactWe choose to support and work only with those aligned wherever possible. Every area of our lives, every organization we support, as aligned as possible. By aligning our messaging via FVF, we can have more impact, like a well-placed punch in a boxing match.
24 Identitying the real oppressionThe real oppressors are the elite and powerful of this world. They blame the oppression they cause on others. They divide people into groups cause conflict between them. This weakens the people and covers up the real oppression.
25 Systems of subtle oppressionThe poor are oppressed, not so much in obvious ways such as racial descrimination, but in subtle ways. These separate burdens caused by many different establishment organizations add up to a significant load. Examples of these systems that benefit the powerful at the expense of the weak are education, health care, legal, government and economic system.
26 Hope trusts in GodOur hopes should always be in trusting God, not the government. Many people expect the government to help or fix problems, but it can’t. It is also corrupt because it is made up of fallible men. Misguided government just gives false hope and makes matters worse.
27 Preserving our cultureWe are called to not only shine the light of truth in a dark world, but also engage in our communities in order to be a positive impact, like salt keeps meat from spoiling
Love your neighbor
29 Love people, but hate sinHate evil, but love those who oppose you enough to share the truth with them. Try help them improve their understanding and actions.
30 Live by the Golden RuleTreat others the way that you would want to be treated.
31 Stop the slanderIt is terribly wrong to label people who don’t agree with as hateful, racist or phobic. Slandering someone is hateful and shameful. Publicly reject and correct anyone who slanders.
32 Be merciful and patientWe say we want justice or fairness, but what we all really want is mercy. None of us should think that we deserve to much of anything good, certainly nothing that we did not earn.
33 Be careful about how you help those in needHave compassion for the poor, but don't enable bad habits. Don't allow the government to ruin people by making them dependent. Help people directly by seeking to improve their behavior and permanently solve problems.
34 Work as a teamSupport churches and nonprofit organizations that help the less fortunate by not only meeting their immediate needs, but also helping them learn and truth and apply it to their lives.
Support Unity, not division
35 Divide and conquer is pure evilThe ruling elites elaborate attempts to divide we the people into groups and pit us against each other are dispicable. They do this to make us weak and more dependent on them. We need to work together to prevent their success.
36 Racial Unity, Tolerance and DiversityWe are all descendants of the same parents. We are one race. People should be judged by their character, not by demographics that they can't change.
37 One People, E Pluribus unumWe should strive for harmony and cooperate as good citizens for the greater good, not just our own selfish desires
38 Forgiveness, never revengeFueds never end without forgiveness. It is a selfless gift that is absolutely necessary for peace and prosperity.
39 Show your gratitudeBe grateful for the blessings you have. Show your gratitude by serving others.
Respect Order, not chaos
40 Condemn destructive behaviourWe should not allow looting and destruction of property. It is not a valid form of protest.
41 Peaceful, not violent, protestThe right to petition is established in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. It give the people the right to 'peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.'
42 Prayer and divine providenceWe encourage peaceful, non-violent resistance. Armed conflict should be a last resort. When our ancestors on rare occasion resisted militarily, they did so after much prayer, seeking God's protection and deliverence.
43 Maintaining a prayer lifeIt is a blessing for children to grow up observing ddults spending time in prayer, and demonstrating their reliance on God’s power, grace and protection.

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