Founder Checklist

In order to become a Founder, you must first complete the Required Steps for a Settler. After you complete them, you will be able to read and sign the Letter of Intent for the formation of the “shipping company” for your state, which will be a real and legal entity.

List of Territory / State entities being formed

After becoming a Founder you will be added to the Founders Group which means you will be able to interact with others on the discussion forum and receive emails in order to be kept aware of news.

Optional Steps

1) Request to purchase more digital AssetsPurchase Acre, AnVóy America and/or Adam (initial offering as needed)
2) Help recruit talent and leadershipProvide funds to compensate young Agents for their performance as they help build AnVóy America
Future additional options may include Amend and more

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The Letter of Intent

The first step of becoming a Founder is signing the Letter of Intent or LOI.  This agreement explains the rights and responsibilities of all of the Founders and Anvoy Inc.  It lays out the plan and requirements for forming the Charter or Articles of Incorporation for the entity for each state.   The LOI guides activities of the territory until it becomes a state entity.  Territories can become states when they have 60,000 Settlers.  All activity is run through the Anvoy Inc. corporation until a state entity is formed, and then transferred over.  

It is expected that Anvoy Inc. and most state entities will continue to partner on many projects long afterward, being that this should make economic sense to do so.  But they also will have the freedom and autonomy to experiment with different ideas, projects and partnerships.

Any conflicts regarding the LOI and any other agreements will be resolved via binding Arbitration.  More details about the LOI will be available soon along with a sample version.