Frequently Asked Questions

[These are the topics for which we will soon add “how to” videos – thank you for your patience]

  1. Buy and Share Values within the Educational Experience
    • Register
    • Add Funds to your Anvóy Account
    • Buy shares of a Value you want to give away
    • Share Values
  2. Share your Values and Wisdom with others
    • Adding your children or students as passengers
    • Using the discussion Guide
    • Using the discussion Forum
    • Using the Ship’s Log
    • Tracking participation points and rank
  3. Teach children Life Skills
    • Purchasing the Add-on
    • Add Funds to your Anvóy Account
    • Getting paid by others
    • Sharing Values with others
    • Buying and selling values
    • Tracking gains and loses
    • Understanding your financial report
    • Paying your children for chores
  4. Teach children Work and Business Skills
    1. Purchasing the Add-on
    2. Earning income from points
    3. Tracking your statistics
    4. Claiming invites and people helped
    5. Students sharing values
  5. Using Registered Assets
    • Purchasing Collector Bills
    • Adding Values
    • Giving or Transferring Bills
    • Scanning and Claiming Bills
    • Redeeming a Bill
  6. Help create a God-honoring Alternative Currency called Adam
    • Making a stable currency
    • Exchange rate to dollars
    • Spending Adam
  7. How to use the platforms basic features
    • Making Connections
    • Groups
    • Messages
    • Timeline Posts