03 Education

The Contrast
Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
Real education is the responsibility of parents who raise their children to honor God and obey His Word.  It is caring teachers and communities helping children learn the Truth and continuously improve. Fake education is taxpayer-funded, biased indoctrination.  It benefits big-government, teacher’s unions and leftist political agendas more than students.  It tends to be anti-Christian, Fake Science and Humanistic Religion.


Life Application
Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
In addition to schooling outside the home, parents and grandparents need to make sure that children not only learn life skills but also apply moral values and spiritual principles to their lives. Don’t teach Christianity or moral values.  Teach “Critical Theory” rather than critical thinking.  Teach only one side of the story, the side that aligns with man’s fallen human nature.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. -Proverbs 1:7 KJV
Result, Dividend
Anvóy America Old Corrupt World
Youth will not only be prepared to live a fulfilling and productive life, they will also be able to teach their children the truth and have the hope of eternal life when God calls them home.  Without a spiritual foundation and true understanding of how the world really works, students will be unprepared to avoid life’s many painful snares and will not have purpose and hope beyond their own temporary pleasure.
Society has fewer problems and much less government is needed Society has many more problems.  Government power grows as it passes more laws, creates more programs and raises taxes.
The people have more freedom and independence People have less freedom and depend more on government programs

The many problems that arise as a result of poor education only help grow the government and it’s power.

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