Doing Good Better

How to increase your impact for a good cause.

Next Alliance members will use the AnVoy Platform to work together and implement our audacious Strategy. Basically, we will:

  • Engage – motivate people to take action
  • Empower – increase effectiveness and impact
  • Optimize – continuously improve performance
  • Cooperate – work smart together as a team

More specifically, we will use the Platform to:

  • Clearly communicate the urgency of the current crisis
  • Circle the Wagons to provide a common defense against the bullying and intimidation of our adversaries. We will stand with and defend those who fight on the front lines for our beliefs.
  • Equip people with tools and clear vision for success
  • Provide a business model that enables people to dedicate themselves to promoting our cause part time or full time

The following is an illustration of how we will increase our pulling power. Our force (the red arrow on the right) is made up of many separate organizations and individuals.

The following image zooms in to show just one organization within the big red arrow.

Increasing the impact of individuals increases the effectiveness of an organization. The green arrows represent the increased results of Alliance members.

There are basically four types of individuals. Some are Misdirected. This means there actions are not helping the situation. The opposite is to be aligned, which means that our actions have a positive effect.

Some people are Unengaged, which means that they are not doing much of anything that has an impact. The opposite is to be empowered, which means we are capable of making a difference.

The goal is for everyone to be both Empowered and Aligned, which means that we are maximizing our positive impact that we can make.

AnVoy’s Strategy is not only to empower individuals, but also to better align their efforts and the goals of the organization. The Platform provides easy to use tools that make this type of alignment automatic.

Empowerment and alignment combine to maximize the impact of the organization.

Engagement, Empowerment and Optimization

As the impact of individuals and organizations grow, so does the power of our side, the red arrow. We aim to enable many more people and organizations to continuously improve their performance by also helping them:

  • Mobilize – get idle people to take action
  • Motivate – Overcome fear and see a clear vision
  • Focus on Youth – Measure and track key stats and metrics
  • Equip – help people do more with less
  • Autonomy – facilitate many decentralized, lean and agile innovation centers or labs
  • Accountability – feedback on results and alignment
  • Adjustment – changing allocation of resources or processes
AnVoy’s Platform tracks information like and accounting system. Members can use this data to improve their productivity much like a business does.

It is obviously easier to worry and do nothing than to take the first step. Many want to do more but don’t know how. Others are afraid to offend someone. Our goal is to make it very easy to get involved, and then once involved to grow one’s impact.

Cooperation, Teamwork and Alignment

Our long term goal is to break the monopoly power of our adversaries by creating and supporting parallel institutions that honor our values. Here’s how:

  • Clearly and fairly identify individuals and organizations that are on our side – and those that aren’t
  • Make it easy to choose to work with the people, ministries and businesses whose values align with ours
  • Create incentives to support organizations allied to our cause
  • Focus on being relevant to youth who are our future

Individuals can have great technique and strength, but in order to win they need to work together. They need to pull in the same direction. AnVoy Alliance members will be able to use the Platform to align their efforts by focusing on the same goals and tracking their progress.

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