Do You Have the Courage?

Just like anyone who embarks on a long journey, you have to make the difficult decision to go. It’s hard to commit to something new, but it is necessary, because everything that we are currently doing doesn’t appear to be enough. We know that if we don’t do everything we can, we will regret if terribly if this all ends as badly as it might.

The circumstances today are obviously different from those of our ancestors 400 years when they decided to sail for the New World, but the decision is similar. They left homes and everything know behind and confronted a harsh ocean passage. Will you take the risk too?

There are 100 reasons to stay at home. What will others think? What if there is a storm and the ship sinks? I’m too busy just getting along where I am.

Not every is called to do this, but you know if you are. You have never let your fears override your hopes. You see the need and you are a leader. Someone has to do it. That person might as well be you. That’s the kind of person you are.

This is a big vision. It could be the start of something really important, but few of us can’t do this alone. It requires many of us. Our success will be determined by people like you who have the courage to stand up and take the first step.

Welcome aboard “Another Voyage!”

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