Directory Listing

Imagine the excitement of settling into a “new world.”  The idea is to start over with a refreshed mindset, leaving old ways behind and committing to make real, beneficial changes. 

We hope that “settling” in and establishing a branch of your business in Anvóy America will provide you many exclusive opportunities.  There normally is a big advantage to being the first business to arrive in any new market.  Similarly we will be encouraging all settlers to do business with you as if you and other settlers were the only available options.  This way, even though Anvóy America is a “virtual place” it still can provide real benefits.

It is Easy to Get Started

The first step to doing Business or Ministry in the New World is to simply register your organization in our directory. That way people who are “taking Another Voyage” and settling in Anvóy America can find you. After that, other unique ways of engaging your audience are being added soon.

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Recommended Steps

After you have your business set up, here are some ways that you may be able to grow your business.

Step Explanation
1) Affirm your Beliefs In order to build trust we must be willing to honestly declare (at least to some close friends) our position on important issues
2) See how Award / Prizes are given to people who earn them The Award performance badge earns settlers prizes when they reach important milestones
3) Acquire and track digital Assets and/or use them make purchases Choose from US Dollars or our other farmland-based Medium of Exchange that we call “Acre”
4) Join the Alliance and lovingly help each other succeed The Alliance is a marketplace of participating businesses and ministries (with a common defense option)
5) Accept payment via Anvóy Use Asset accounting to pay vendors and accept payment from customers
6) Offer Jobs Attempt to hire individuals who have used Anvóy to develop a track record of support for the values you honor
7) Invite customers to join the Alliance The Alliance is a marketplace of participating businesses and ministries (with a common defense option)