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Reasons to Create a Locally Controlled Currency

Here are 5 good reasons why we need a stable, non-profit currency like Adam.

Reason #1:  Be More Separated from the World

We are to be “in the world, but not of the world.” (John 17:16)  We are supposed to be engaged in the world, but not support its evil and corruption.  By creating a God-honoring, alternative currency like Adam, we give people the option to be more separated from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17) and more “faithful in little things,” even our purchases (Luke 16:10).

Reason #2:  Don’t Be Forced to Violate Your Conscience

Some believe the “big squeeze” (as shown at right) is coming.  They believe our dependence on the dollar will be used as leverage against us.  Creating an alternative currency like Adam for religious reasons now may be the only way to avoid this type of “shakedown” in the future.

Reason #3:  Be Prepared and a Good Steward

We can’t wait until the emergency hits to start preparing.  Waiting until the power goes out to buy a generator doesn’t work.  We can’t wait until we need Adam to start creating it.  It takes time to establish a working system and accounts for both customers and merchants.  That is why it is critically important to provision for possible future emergencies by creating Adam now.

It doesn’t make sense to put “all of your eggs in one basket.”  By opening a free Adam account, you can move a some funds into a new basket that hopefully we never need, but may protect us against the devaluation of the dollar in a worse case scenario.

Reason #4:  Help Your Local Economy

Adam is a local currency designed to help local businesses and ministries.  Global corporations are crushing many of our family-owned, main street businesses.  Creating and spending Adam locally supports your local economy and helps defend your freedom too.  It is a currency that you and local organizations own and control.  It is a key part of the greater Anvóy vision to protect and bless local people you know.

Reason #5:  Give Young People Hope

Our young people see all the immorality and corruption in the world and feel trapped.  They feel that they have no choice but to go along with it if they want to  be successful in life.  By creating other viable options for them via Anvóy America, we show them that we are willing to stand up for their freedom.  Being “salt and light,” in this way not only helps preserve society and promote Truth., it gives youth more hope for the future.