Cooler than Tesla and SpaceX?

What could be cooler than launching a mission to Mars or supposedly “saving the planet” by selling electric vehicles?

Well maybe there is something. Why? Because things aren’t always what they seem.

At the risk of alienating (pardon the pun) some space enthusiasts and Tesla fans, lets bring these lofty claims down to earth for a minute.

What purpose does space exploration serve if the light of freedom on earth goes out? Isn’t preserving truth and the foundations of freedom (which are under attack) more cool?

Are electric cars really “saving the planet?” It’s an extreme stretch to connect the dots between electric cars and carbon footprint and so-called Climate Change. In fact, experts say that the manufacture of electric vehicles actually pollutes more than non-electric ones.

Another Voyage doesn’t claim to “save the earth,” but it is more focused on addressing what in our opinion are the real problems facing mankind; and therefore it has more potential to bless future generations than going to Mars.

Is there something more cool than Tesla and SpaceX? It may not seem as “cool” today, but maybe AnVóy America will someday.

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