11 Character

Life at its best is hard. Be humble, work hard, overcome adversity, be better not bitter, don’t fear failure, never blame others but share credit.

10 Glory

A biblical worldview gives life meaning and purpose. Everything we are and everything we do should glorify of our Creator.

02 Hope

Peace and prosperity are only possible if society does what is Right by working hard to constantly reject the evil tendencies of our sinful nature.

03 Education

Parents must insure that children learn to discern and protect the poor and weak from harmful agendas that corrupt leaders selfishly promote.

12 Work

Working honestly for fair wages and striving to continuously improve is the honorable and dignified way to a better life and world.

08 Faith

Our sin separates us from our Holy Creator, but He provides a way to be reconciled to Him and have peace, joy and hope.

06 Justice

God’s Day of Judgement will heal a long history of injustice. Meanwhile, we should love mercy and give everyone equal opportunity and protection.

04 Creator

Creation proves that God exists and is the source of Law which serves as the standard by which government should reward good and punish evil.

07 Life

Human life is sacred because God gives us a spiritual soul. Therefore, we have a duty to defend life and condemn needless violence.

05 Liberty

History is filled with slavery, suffering and death. Freedom of thought, speech and action only exist when we keep government under God.