01.2 Exploitation

Change is inevitable.  Change and challenge often present opportunities to those who are well positioned to benefit from them.  Those who are well positioned are almost always the wealthy and well-connected.  Unfortunately, on the other hand, the poor and middle class usually pay the price. Take “Climate Change” as an example.  Assuming that global temperatures […]

01.3 Foundation

Why are kids shooting other kids in school? In the middle of the night on June 24th, 2021, the 12-story Champlain Towers South collapsed, killing 98 of its residents.  Not one of them expected such a horrific end. The luxury beachfront tower in Florida fell because its foundation decayed.  Just as no building can survive […]

01.1 Importance

It is vital that we understand the connection between information and outcome.  The decisions we make can result in life or death, liberty or slavery, happiness or misery.  The better the information, the better the result.  Truth is essential for hope, peace and prosperity.  What we believe determines who we are and how we act.  […]

Universal Truth

We can have our favorite foods or colors, but not our “own truth.”  There are many important questions in life for which there is only 1 correct answer.


Seeing ourselves as God see us, trying to follow His instructions and do what He has called us to do in our short lives.