Getting Paid to be a Captain

Individuals or organizations can earn real income by being a “captain of a ship on Another Voyage.”  Captains are paid for promoting Anvóy and the Foundational Values our nation desperately needs.  The amount of pay is determined by “miles traveled.”  Miles are awarded for the following activities:  

  1. Inviting friends and family
  2. Invited people Sign Up for Another Voyage
  3. Dividend Miles from Value Shares owned
  4. Purchases/Donations made
  5. Giving someone a Value new to them
  6. Bonus miles from miles earned by people you invited
  7. Daily sailing miles (game coming soon) and more…

How Pay is Calculated

The total pay for all Captains is added to the Mission Pool.  These funds come from 2 sources:

  1. Stock Exchange Sales Fee
  2. Sales of New Shares

An exchange fee is charged only when their is a “gain” on the sale of stock.   The fee of 50% of the gain is added to the Mission Pool.  The seller gets whatever the stock is worth up to the price he paid, plus half of any gain over that up to 100%.  The rest of the gain goes into the Mission Fund.  Funds are generated when new shares of stock are issued.  All of these funds are also added to the Mission Funds pool.

All Mission Funds are allocated to be used to promote Foundational Values. Half of the funds go to efforts organized by state and local entities. The other half go to Ship Captains. The more miles a Captain earns, the greater the share of the Mission Funds pool every week. For example:

Total Miles Overall100,000
Mission Fund for Captains for the week$10,000
$ per Mile = $10,000 / 100,000$0.10
My Miles for the week1,000
My Pay = 1,000 x $0.10$100

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