ANother VOYage to a Better World

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” -Andre Gide

Europeans once risked lives and fortunes to cross the vast Atlantic in search of religious freedom. They had reached their “ANVOY moment,” a pivotal time when radical vision, courage and action was required.  They realized that everything they were doing was no longer enough.  So they prayed, carefully planned, and then pooled their resources to make “ANother VOYage to a better world.” Their determination and sacrifice resulted in the birth of America, a nation that has been a beacon of hope to the world for centuries!

Unfortunately, America has strayed from the biblical principles that made her great. As a result we watch in horror as our society crumbles around us. We have reached our own “ANVOY moment.” We’re doing everything we can to stand for truth, but it isn’t enough. We need better ways to protect our youth from the deception that is destroying their lives.  It’s time to pool our resources and take “ANother VOYage.”

The stakes couldn’t be any higher.  This journey will not be quick nor easy, but if we come together with the same vision, determination and willingness to sacrifice as our ancestors, we can again bless our children for centuries!

This time we don’t need a literal ship to sail perilous seas, but we do need a way to work together.  We are working hard to create this “ship” that will empower people like you to promote the Biblical Worldview more efficiently and effectively.  We call it ANVOY.  We are excited about its potential, but we need your help.

Will you help us restore hope for future generations?

Or will you keep doing the same things and watch our society crumble?

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