Our ancestors risked life and fortune to cross vast oceans for freedom.  They tried to restore their corrupt culture from within, but nothing worked. Finally, the old world became so unbearable that they came together and organized a successful voyage to a new one.  Ironically, separating themselves from their culture ended up being the best way to save it.  Their vision and courage created “America” which has been a beacon of hope to the entire civilized world for centuries!

“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” -Andre Gide

Unfortunately, America has since strayed from the biblical and conservative principles that so richly blessed her.  Humanistic, leftist ideologies now threaten our lives and liberty.  Many Americans seem blind to the imminent danger, but we aren’t.  We shutter at the thought of the horrific darkness our children will endure if America’s light goes out.

We, like our ancestors, have tried to preserve our culture from within, but nothing we have done has been enough to overcome the overwhelming opposition we face.  More and more young lives are being destroyed by unprecedented levels of deception from powerful institutions in our society.  We find ourselves in another unbearable situation that requires radical action. That’s why, like our ancestors, we have created a “shipping company” to organize another voyage to a better world.  We call it the “Another Voyage Company” or anVoy for short.

This time around there is no virgin land to which to sail.  The plan is not to leave the old world behind physically, but figuratively.   By becoming more separated from our corrupt culture, we can shine the light of truth even brighter.  It is our best hope of saving our communities and country.  In order to be successful we will need everyone to decide which side they are on.

Are you concerned about worldly deception?  Do you wish you could defend truth more effectively? Will you invest your time, talent and resources in old institutions that promote the evil agendas threatening all you hold dear?  Or will you leave your comfort zone and join others like you on another voyage?  You need to decide.  Will you board our “anVoy ship?”

This journey will not be quick nor easy, but if we come together with determination and willingness to sacrifice as our ancestors did, we can again bless our children and the world for centuries!  We welcome you aboard anVoy!

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Published by Bob Huber

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