The scale of the social and political problems we face and the scope of the AnVoy Strategy we envision may seem impossible. But as we said earlier, we believe we can and must make another voyage. The following is a summary of our Tactical Plan, followed by explanations of each component:

  1. Courage – Overcome opposition and fear
  2. Accountability – Build an accounting platform
  3. Validation – track key metrics for people and entities
  4. Experiment – Be inclusive and organic
  5. Momentum – Establish new institutions and help them win


As you might expect, anything good will meet stiff resistance, especially something new or different. Criticism will be fierce and sure to come from all sides. In order to reach our destination, we will need to persevere. Just as our ancestors used the best navigation tools and technology of their day, we will do the same. We will brave the storms that we can’t avoid. We will overcome fear by offering small simple ways for people to get involved and start to see how they can make a difference.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7 KJV


How do you mobilize, motivate and coordinate a large number of people?  The answer is by using the business tools and methods successful organizations use.  

For example, organizations use accounting systems to track key metrics.  They track the performance of people and teams, so that they can reward them.  They track the performance of their products so that they can produce more winners and either improve or cut losers.  These tactics lead to success which attracts more talent and resources. We envision AnVoy being a similar type of accounting system that tracks our performance so that all of us can promote traditional Judeo-Christian values more efficiently.

What gets measured gets improved.

Peter Drucker 


Schools and colleges use accounting systems to give grades as indicators of student performance.  These metrics are used by companies to choose employees. Most young people plan their lives around this system. The problem is that these systems are mostly controlled by institutions that oppose biblical and conservative values.  Corrupt institutions use the monopoly power these systems give them to advance their harmful agendas. Many feel like they have no choice but to go along with institutions that don’t support their values. AnVoy aims to providing an accounting, or validation system, that’s controlled by us and promotes traditional Judeo-Christian values.  

What metrics will we track and improve? Things such as time spent between mentor and mentee, actions, accomplishments and funding. As participants become validated by their actions over time they can validate others, groups and activities – all via the AnVoy platform.


No one organization can possibly change our culture, but many of them working together might. We hope leading organizations will see the potential of the AnVoy platform to advance their mission and use it to create their own products. These products are like the different ships that were commissioned long ago by European shipping companies to create a better world. Although we all agree on the “Big Picture” need, we may have small differences in our Statement of Faith, or other convictions. These preference mean that our voyage will be more comfortable if we take separate ships. This is just fine because Anvoy’s vision is that “those who are not against us are for us.” It’s platform is intended to be as inclusive as possible without compromising basic biblical and conservative principles. Allowing many different entities to innovate will enable some to discover new and better processes that can be adopted by all and further improve our effectiveness.


The AnVoy validation platform will allow many individuals, families and organizations to work together on a massive scale. It will likewise allow them to make better decisions about who they do business with, donate to, hire, work for or team up with. Over time this mobilization, focus and coordination of effort and resources will create synergy. More and more people will change their behavior. The marginal effect of a large number of people participating will be a huge benefit to new parallel institutions and help them win over corrupt ones.  

If nothing changes, nothing will change.  But if many people embrace AnVoy’s validation platform, we can make a better world.  This may be our last chance to save freedom and opportunity for our children.

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Published by Bob Huber

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