Our goal here at Anvoy is to empower you to “do more.”  And by “doing more” we don’t mean working even harder than you already are.  We know that you are already doing all you can to stand for truth.  We aim to enable you to get even better results in less time and effort!

We are working hard to develop new ways for you to promote the Biblical Worldview more effectively.  We live in pivotal times, and we need to “pull out all the stops!”  That is what we are doing!

The following are descriptions of tools that we are creating to help you make a bigger impact:



Defend and Promote Biblical Values Better

People who support Biblical Values are already busy doing good things.   They are running companies, teaching Sunday School and raising families.  They can’t afford to work full time defending the truth. Meanwhile, Hollywood, secular media and many other institutions employee armies of full time activists who promote the harmful secular worldview to our youth.

The goal of BibleTide is to train and equip an army of good activists who help very busy people like you maximize your ability to defend and promote Biblical Truth within your sphere of influence.  If you are one of the many who have longed for a way to do more to win the cultural war but didn’t know how or didn’t have time, BibleTide may be just what you have been looking for.

Here are several tools we are offering through BibleTide:

  • WhizKidU (WhizKidU.com) – Teaching youth how to defend and share Biblical Values and more.
  • WhizKid Business (WhizKidBusiness.com) – Get hands-on work experience while promoting the Biblical Worldview.
  • JudeoChristianValues.info – Explain what “Traditional Judeo-Christian Values” are and why they are important.

Learn more at BibleTide.com

Published by Bob Huber

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