Avoid the Risk of “Losing Everything”

Experts say that our economy and financial markets nearly collapsed in 2007. Others say that given the Federal Governments unsustainable deficit spending, and growing national debt, a complete collapse is inevitable. It is only a matter of time.

One doesn’t need to be an expert, or even very attentive, to realize that our government is morally bankrupt and broken. Unless something changes, much of what we have worked to build and save could literally evaporate overnight.

We have a choice. We can have an ignorant, cavalier attitude such as “oh well, it’s only money,” or “at least everyone will be in the same boat.” Or we can be smart, think, plan, be proactive and try to be prepared.

First of all, we are not powerless to let America spiral downward into destruction. There is more that we can do to save it. Secondly, if everything does collapse, we can try to position ourselves so as to protect our loved ones from unnecessary suffering. “Another Voyage” is our attempt to do both.

Is investing your time and resources in Another Voyage risky? Yes, but given our predicament, not doing it is even more risky.

We invite you to be a part of building a “better world.” Join us as we take Another Voyage!

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